2 year old how lomg before antibiotics?

Gunnar Oberbrunner asked a question: 2 year old how lomg before antibiotics?
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Many doctors take a wait-and-see approach before prescribing antibiotics to toddlers over 2 years old. That's because most viral ear infections and even many bacterial ear infections get better on their own within two to three days, and antibiotics haven't been shown to reduce pain or improve recovery.

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2 year old on antibiotics? How long before taking her back in? My daughter was given antibiotics for a sinus infection on the 8th. Amoxicillian. She is still having a large amount of mucous, and now has a yucky sounding cough. I'm thinking that she's getting Bronchitis also. In the past when the kids got bronchitis they were given amoxicillian ...

He routinely recommends 3-5 months of these antibiotics for early infections, and 1-2 years for more chronic disease.

However, pharmacists commonly make the expiration date on your prescription about one year — as long as that fits into the expiration time on their stock bottle.

Amoxicillin stored in the manufacturer's stock bottle generally expires two to three years from the date of production. When dispensed to a patient, the expiration date your pharmacy uses is typically one year from the date of dispensing, although this will vary depending on the pharmacy you use and the laws in your state.

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