3 reasons why professional athletes should be drug tested?

Dereck Sipes asked a question: 3 reasons why professional athletes should be drug tested?
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Doping debate in sports: should athletes use drugs?

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These policy reasons are as follows: (1) fair competition; (2) public confidence in the games; (3) high visibility of athletes as role mod- els; and (4) the health and safety of the athletes.

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The topic of pro athlete drug testing has become a news staple almost on a daily basis; either a pro athlete has been caught with drugs, driving under the influence or admitting to performance enhancing drug use. Debate after debate has hashed and rehashed the subject but, pro athlete doping scandals make headlines nearly every week.

In order to meet the expectations of their team, coaching staff, and fans, some athletes turn to drugs to enhance their strength. This is the reason why doping tests are performed to prevent athletes from consuming drugs that can tamper with their health. Sports-related injuries sometimes end up ruining the careers of athletes.

Some athletes take drugs to falsely improve performance and eventually gain an unfair advantage over their competitors, misrepresenting the true nature of sports, which is supposed to determine the best individual at a certain competition naturally. 3. It helps athletes maintain optimum performance.

Those who are opposed, however, want to maintain the sportsmanship of the athletic events. They feel as though drugs are an unfair edge that remove integrity from the game and give a clear advantage to those who use.

Athletes use the drugs illicitly to achieve endurance increases, fat loss, muscle recovery increases, and muscular size and strength increases.

Professional athletes should be required to take drug tests once a month during their sports season. The use of drugs by professional athletes has been a controversial topic for many years. Athletes use performance enhancing drugs to excel in their sport giving them a leg up to other players. Currently all players are tested once...

Drug testing is one of the terms of employment and athlete unions have in most cases consented to drug testing (Manski, et al., 2001, p. 78). Literature Review In the modern society, the economic and intrinsic rewards for extraordinary performance by the athletes have been very great.

I think professional athletes should have to take the drug tests because it would make the game more fair. If one person takes drugs then everyone else is going to follow and it would lead to a big mess. There is nothing worse than running a pro team and finding out that the star player is taking some sort of drugs. Report Post.

The “drug of choice” is a moving target. Ban steroids and athletes switch to growth hormones. Test for HGH, and the players move on to Adderall, the current drug of choice.

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