6 classification of drugs of abuse?

Sister Swift asked a question: 6 classification of drugs of abuse?
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Classification of drugs

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When considering only their chemical makeup, there are six main classifications of drugs: alcohol, opioids, benzodiazepines, cannabinoids, barbiturates, and hallucinogens. Out of all the thousands of drugs that are out there, both prescription and illegal, each one can be categorized under one of these six headings.

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Listed below are the 6 classifications of drug abuse that you should know. Opioids. These medicines, known as opiate products, are one of the most addictive and dangerous narcotics today and come from either opium or synthetic compounds that are produced for the use of opium itself. Opioids prevent neurotransmitters in the brain from sending ...

The Six Classifications of Drugs of Abuse (Grade 9 (Mapeh) Health Lesson) 1. THE SIX CLASSIFICATIONS OF DRUGS OF ABUSE 2. 1. GATEWAY DRUGS •Are legal drugs that a non-drug user might try, which can lead him/her to more dangerous drugs such... 3. 2. DEPRESSANT DRUGS • Slows down a persons central ...

Examples are cocaine, heroin and. marijuana. THE SIX 6. 5. HALLUCINOGENS. •Drugs which distort reality and. CLASSIFICATIONS OF facts. •Affects all senses; makes a. user feel, hear, see things that don’t.

The 6 Classifications of Drugs Alcohol. Alcohol is the single most widely abused substance throughout the world, and the United States is no different. Opioids. More commonly referred to as opiates, opioids are either derived from the drug opium or a series of synthetic... Benzodiazepines…

6 CLASSIFICATIONS OF DRUGS ARE: 1.Gateway Drugs 2.Depressant Drugs 3.Stimulant Drugs 4.Narcotics 5.Hallucinogens 6.Inhalants 24. GUIDE QUESTIONS 1. Why is it important to know the classifications of drugs? 2. Do you think knowing the classification of drugs will help us someday in our lives? 25.

Chemical Classifications of Drugs Opioids. Opioids are derived from the drug opium or synthetic versions that mimic the chemical structure of opium. This... Alcohol. Alcohol is one of the most widely abused substances across the world. It’s legal to consumer alcohol in the US,... Benzodiazepines and ...

1) Gateway Drugs 2) Depressant Drugs 3) Stimulate Drugs 4) Narcotics Drugs 5) Hallucinogens Drugs 6) Inhalants Drugs

Drug Abuse: Physical Consequences and Treatment 8:34 Addiction: Not The Same As Habit, Impulse, or Obsession 6:59 Go to Addictive Behaviors and Drug Use

Classification of Drugs on the basis of Chemical Structure: This is a common classification of drugs. Generally, drugs that have the same drug action and pharmacological effect have a basic skeletal structure and a minute variation in the branching. This is why some drugs have more potential than the other.

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