Are you contagious with a fever on antibiotics?

Dejuan Smith asked a question: Are you contagious with a fever on antibiotics?
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You're typically considered no longer contagious after you've been on a regimen of antibiotics for a period of time, which depends on your type of infection. For example, you're no longer contagious with strep throat after you've been on antibiotics for 24 hours and no longer have a fever.

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"if i have a fever and am on antibiotics am i still contagious to an infant?" Answered by Dr. Cindy Juster: It depends...: It depends on which infection you have and how long you...

36 years experience Pediatrics Once you are on an: antibiotic for 24 hours and are fever-free for 24 hours, you can return to school. The rash may last longer, but you are no longer contagious. 2 doctors agree

“In many cases, just because you or your children are fever free and can return to work or school does not mean you are no longer contagious. Proper handwashing goes a long way to prevent the spread of germs.” The same rules apply even if you have taken a flu antiviral drug like Tamiflu.

Because antibiotics are only effective against bacteria, if your child’s fever is the result of a viral infection, such as the common cold or the flu, antibiotics are not going to get rid of the fever 2. In fact, taking antibiotics while you have a viral infection can create antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria 2.

“Many sinus infections caused by a virus will resolve on their own without any treatment with antibiotics,” Melinda said. “This is important because if you don’t need antibiotics, it’s better not to take them as they can cause side effects and long-term resistance. An infection caused by bacteria, however, will likely require antibiotics.

If that’s what happened to you, then yes, you can spread the virus that caused it but not the infection itself. Another person might get sick but may or may not get a sinus infection .

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