Being a dentist in the navy?

Benedict Boehm asked a question: Being a dentist in the navy?
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  • Becoming a Dentist in the U.S. Military. There are advantages to professional practice in any branch of the military, including the Navy. Military dentists have access to cutting-edge technology.
  • Navy Health Professions Scholarship. A limited number of Navy Health Professions Scholarships are available, which offer 100 percent tuition coverage for dental school.
  • Getting Into Dental School. Most military dentists complete their dental education before joining the military. There are 66 dental schools in the United States, including Puerto Rico.
  • Dental Education Programs. Dental school usually requires four years of study…
  • Post-Graduate Dental Education. Four years of dental school is adequate preparation to practice general dentistry…
  • Being a Dentist in the Navy. As a dentist in the Navy, your practice will be very similar to that of a dentist in civilian in terms of patient care.
  • Auxiliary Dental Professionals. If you're neither interested nor qualified to be a dentist in the Navy, you might consider enlistment to become a dental hygienist or dental assistant.
  • Salary as a Dentist in the Navy. Dentists in the Navy, as in all branches of the military, receive pay and benefits according to rank, also known as pay grade.

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If you’re in the Navy, your job can take you almost anywhere. Get started by performing routine dental work on Sailors and Marines in a large teaching hospital, then travel the world assisting with humanitarian aid efforts, or help Sailors keep their smiles healthy on ships like aircraft carriers.

A Navy dentist is a medical professional who handles maxillofacial care for individuals under the purview of the U.S. Navy and at the discretion of this branch of the military. They are also required to perform the necessary duties of a member of the U.S. Navy in times of peace and conflict.

Being a Dentist in the Navy As a dentist in the Navy, your practice will be very similar to that of a dentist in civilian in terms of patient care. You'll perform exams, treat dental diseases and respond to dental emergencies. You won't have just one duty station during your career as a dentist in the Navy.

Being a Dental Officer in the Royal Navy means using your skills outside the confines of a civilian surgery and taking charge of the primary dental healthcare for an entire ship’s company. If it sounds like a massive task, that’s because it is, but you’ll have the support of a dedicated team, including a Dental Hygienist and a Dental Nurse.

The training you receive in the military prepares for more advanced opportunities including orthodontics, dental surgery and general practice. The Navy and National Guard offer a great opportunity to get both the education you require and the experience you need to become successful as a dentist or assistant. Click here to find out more.

Military dentists take care of the dental needs of active duty service men and women. Some serve in a foreign country and support the Armed Forces in either peacekeeping or combat missions and others are stationed stateside. One of the biggest benefits of military dentistry is the opportunity to graduate from dental school debt-free.

I was a female dentist in the Navy, active duty from 82-85, and from what I've been told things are much better now than they were 25 years ago. But, like you, I did my active duty and hoped I wouldn't get called back during my

A non-HPP also has to compete for an Air Force dental school scholarship (AFHPS/FAP) which is extremely competitive especially with a four-year scholarship award. Read our guide on winning an Air Force ROTC scholarship here. The Navy does not currently have a route to be dentist through Navy ROTC.

The Dental Corps of the United States Navy consists of naval officers who have a doctorate in either dental surgery (DDS) or dental medicine (DMD) and who practice dentistry for Sailors and Marines to ensure optimal oral health. The U.S. Navy Dental Corps was established by an Act of Congress in 1912.

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