Can i get arrested for having prescription drugs?

Arnold Rempel asked a question: Can i get arrested for having prescription drugs?
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Can i get a dui for taking prescription drugs?

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If you are caught illegally possessing prescription drugs, you could face a series of legal consequences including arrest, jail time, a life-long criminal record and financial penalties.

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Dui drugs arizona - what you need to know

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A driver who's arrested for a DUI based on prescription drug use may have a limited defense. A handful of states will let drivers off the hook if they can show they were impaired as the result of taking a prescription medication as prescribed by a licensed physician. Legal Marijuana Use

Identifying a prescription drug crime can be difficult for law enforcement in some situations. After all, who are they to determine whether or not you have a valid need for your pills? While being in possession of these drugs without a prescription is an obvious law violation, proving that you didn’t need your valid prescription to begin with presents much more of a challenge. Prescription Drug Possession – Penalties

What happens if your prescription’s expired? Possession of a controlled substance. In Indiana, you could face felony charges for holding onto a prescription drug after your prescription has expired. According to the law, it’s illegal to have any controlled substance without “a valid prescription” or doctor’s order. Getting caught with an old bottle of painkillers could amount to a Class A misdemeanor.

Don’t let an addiction or a misunderstanding put you in jail. If you have been accused of prescription drug charges, call up a skilled Texas defense lawyer and start working on your strategy immediately. If you have a prescription and were unlawfully arrested for possession, you should have a good chance of walking away without penalties. However, if you were arrested on more serious charges (sale, trafficking, doctor shopping, etc.), a prescription will not do it for your defense.

Those caught illegally possessing prescription drugs are likely to face misdemeanor or felony charges carrying penalties of arrest, prosecution, imprisonment, a life-long criminal record, court-ordered drug treatment and monitoring conditions, driver’s license suspension and excessive court fines.

The latter refers to situations where defendants actually had drugs on them when they were arrested — such as in their pockets or purses. The government must prove that you fit either of these categories before you can face a drug possession conviction. Your Rights Following a Drug Arrest

The penalty is likely to be more severe if you are found to be supplying drugs (dealing, selling or sharing). The police will probably charge you if they suspect you of supplying drugs. The amount...

It is also illegal to possess LSD, methamphetamines, LSD, barbiturates and hashish. In addition to the above controlled substances, a person can be charged with possession if they have prescription painkillers or stimulants without a valid prescription. Some of the drugs in this category include: oxycodone, vicodin and xanax to name a few.

SC. script101 2 Dec 2011. You can definitely get in trouble for giving prescription medication to your friends. If it was okay for anyone to take it then it wouldn't require you to get a prescription from a doctor. Also, many medications can have serious side effects on people when they are on other medication, have certain conditions, or are not ...

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The duty of professionalism all law enforcement must uphold...