Do you need antibiotics after a cat bite?

Rico Halvorson asked a question: Do you need antibiotics after a cat bite?
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Your doctor will likely prescribe antibiotics in order to reduce the risk of infection developing at the site of the bite or elsewhere in the body. Some wounds may need to be sutured (stitched) while others will be left open to heal. A tetanus booster may also be recommended.

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Antibiotics for cat bites A doctor will likely prescribe antibiotics to fight off the infection. Some bites require the use of antibiotics through an intravenous (IV), while others may be treated...

Cat bite treatment is necessary to prevent serious illness and disease. Local infections such as an abscess or a closed-off pocket of puss are common complications of cat bite wounds. More serious complications, such as cellulitis and systemic illness resulting in infection and even sepsis, may result if left untreated by antibiotics for cats.

First of all, the bite wound should be cleaned with running water and antibacterial soap. After drying the wound, you may apply any type of over the counter antibiotic ointment. The oral antibiotics are recommended only if the wound is deep or if there are signs that the wound may get infected.

Prescribe antibiotics, such as Augmentin, if there’s an infection concern. Give you a booster shot if your tetanus vaccine is out-of-date. Determine whether the wound needs stitches. Remember, it’s important to act quickly if you get a cat bite.

5 1.1.6 Offer antibiotic prophylaxis (see the recommendations on choice of 6 antibiotic) for an animal bite that has broken the skin and caused bleeding 7 if it is: 8 • a cat bite 9 • penetrating bone, joint, tendons or vascular structures 10 • deep, a puncture or crush wound, or has resulted in significant tissue 11 damage

Most physicians will prescribe antibiotics as a precaution, since cat bites can become infected (and the infection can spread) quickly. Often, outpatient treatment with a course of oral antibiotics is all that’s needed. In other cases, additional medical treatments are required.

When you're finished, apply an antibiotic cream to the bite to help prevent an infection. Finally, cover the bite with a bandage to keep dirt and bacteria out. For advice from our Medical co-author, like how to prevent future cat bites, scroll down!

The most common prescriptions for cat bite antibiotics include: • Augmentin • Ceftin • Moxifloxacin (Avelox) For cat-scratch disease: • Azithromycin • Bactrim DS Pet Medications When you’re taking care of a cat bite wound, it’s fairly easy to go get an examination. • Amoxicillin • Ampicillin • ...

A Mayo Clinic study on infected cat bites found that 72 % of people hospitalized immediately after presentation to an ER for an infected cat bite required surgery as part of their medical treatment. I am still on antibiotics, and the jury is still out on whether I will be having surgery.

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