Does antibiotics affect the injection?

Monserrate Feil asked a question: Does antibiotics affect the injection?
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Antibiotics do not interfere with the injection, only the Pill.

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This means that your antibiotics should have no impact on the coronavirus or the vaccine, and the vaccine should have no impact on your bacterial infection (if you have one) or your antibiotics. If you have any immediate medical concerns about your health or your treatment, please contact your GP or healthcare provider.

Injection site reactions or phlebitis: A reaction to an antibiotic can occur if the antibiotic is given intravenously (IV) into a vein. Injections site reactions and phlebitis (vein inflammation) can occur.

The effects of an antibiotic shot may vary by person. As stated, there is some risk of allergic reaction to any medication given. Any reaction of swelling tongue, face or lips, or wheezing, hives and difficulty breathing is a medical emergency. Injection sites can be sore for a few days and they may itch or appear red.

The implant can stay in place while you're covered by the injection. You and your doctor can get up-to-date guidance about contraception and antibiotics from the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare. You do not normally need to use additional contraception if you're taking antibiotics other than rifampicin and rifabutin.

This can cause bleeding, bruising, and slowed blood clotting. Beta-lactam antibiotics and sulfamethoxazole cause these side effects more often. What to do. You can’t prevent these reactions.

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