Does low iron cause autism?

Evie Huels asked a question: Does low iron cause autism?
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Iron deficiency early in life has been shown to impair thinking, motor development, social engagement and language development. Previous work by the same researchers and others has noted an association between iron levels and autism, Schmidt said.

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The same researchers were part of a team that found in an earlier study that autistic children often have low iron levels and may absorb or metabolize iron inefficiently. Iron is vital to early brain development – it contributes to production of neurotransmitters and development of the sheath around nerve cells, a process known as myelination.

Iron deficiency (ID) cause negative outcomes on psychomotor and behavioral development of infants and young children. Children with autism are under risk for ID and this condition may increase the severity of psychomotor and behavioral problems,The association between iron deficiency and developmental problems such as global developmental delay is thought to be bidirectional.

Children with autism often have low levels of iron due to leaky gut or poor absorption of nutrition which leads to anemia, but is supplementing with iron really the best choice? Zinc is commonly deficient too and it is necessary for multiple functions in the body, especially with respect to the strength of the immune system.

Children with autism often have low iron levels, which could mean that they absorb or metabolize iron inefficiently, she said. Iron is crucial to early brain development, as it contributes to the...

Got iron supplements when I was about 9. I am now trying to up my values to see if it will improve mood, fatigue and other things related to low iron. Have to tested yourselves for iron deficiency? Noticed any effects of better values? Again; no, low iron does not cause autism. It is just common among people with autism.

Although iron deficiency can often be seen in autistic patients, if you consider the broader picture, the number of children with both iron deficiency and autism constitutes a very minor fraction of the total number of children with iron deficiency. Besides, mere presence does not mark it as a cause.

Although the study showed an association between low iron intake and the development of autism spectrum disorder, it didn't prove cause and effect. "There are probably multiple causes or risk factors for autism and it may take having several of them to pass the threshold [and develop the disorder]," Schmidt said.

10 Possible Causes for Autism. Birth Complications; Rubella; Genetic Autism; Fragile X ; Untreated Phenylketonuria; Drugs During Pregnancy; Tuberous Sclerosis; Parental Age; Encephalitis; Pregnancies Less Than a Year Apart; Birth Complications. Prenatal situations like poor nutrition and chemicals that the mother was subject to can also complications.

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