Generic drug companies uk?

Michelle McCullough asked a question: Generic drug companies uk?
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List of pharmaceutical manufacturers in the United Kingdom

  • A&H – Allen & Hanburys Ltd.
  • Abbott – Abbott Laboratories Inc.
  • Actelion – Actelion Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd.
  • Aesica pharmaceuticals - Aesica Queenborough Ltd.
  • Air Products – Air Products plc.
  • Alcon – Alcon Laboratories (UK) Ltd.
  • ALK-Abelló – ALK-Abelló (UK) Ltd.

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The British Generic Manufacturers Association Limited is a company Limited by Guarantee and registered in England and Wales (registered number 10276727) and its registered office is at 65 Gresham Street, London, UK United Kingdom, EC2V 7NQ

Brown & Burk UK Ltd (BBUK) was incorporated as an independent generic pharmaceutical company in the year 2000. We are one of the very few Generic Pharmaceutical companies committed to investments in research with the sole intention of providing quality and affordable healthcare across the world.

Alcon – Alcon Laboratories (UK) Ltd; ALK-Abelló – ALK-Abelló (UK) Ltd; Allergan – Allergan Ltd; Alpharma – King Pharmaceuticals; Altana – Altana Pharma Ltd; Amgen – Amgen Ltd; APS – TEVA UK Ltd; Assertio – Assertio Therapeutics, Inc; AstraZeneca – AstraZeneca UK Limited; Aventis Pharma – Sanofi-Aventis Ltd; Bausch & Lomb – Bausch & Lomb UK Ltd

It is also the largest generic drug manufacturer in the world. With its Global HQ still in Israel today, Teva now employs over 51,000 people globally. 2017 saw revenue of $22.4 billion. Presence in the UK: Teva has had a presence in the UK for over 80 years and currently has 4 UK locations. These include a distribution centre in West Yorkshire, offices in Harlow, packaging operations facility in Eastbourne and manufacturing facilities in Runcorn.

Wockhardt UK specialises in the manufacture and supply of generic and branded medicines, with a constantly growing portfolio of over 250 product lines. Our products cover many therapy areas including anticoagulation, pain management, anti-infectives, diabetes and antibiotics.

Accord has one of the most extensive sales, marketing and distribution networks in Europe. Headquartered from UK, Accord now supplies products to close to 65 EMENA markets.

UK - Cambridge Repurposed drugs, generics, formulation: Cypralis : UK - Cambridge: Peptidyl-prolyl isomerases: DefiniGEN : UK - Cambridge: Human Cell Models of Rare Diseases: DiagNodus : UK - Cambridge: Diagnostics: Dunad Therapeutics : UK - Cambridge: Pioneering Tunable Small-Molecule Degradation Platform: Eagle Genomics : UK - Cambridge: Genomics Software: Endomag

Amneal is the first publicly traded American company on our list of largest generic drug companies. The company produces generic medicines including, specialty products and biosimilars.

Mylan is a global pharmaceutical company focused on manufacturing of prescription generic, branded generic, brand-name including biosimilar drugs and OTC drugs for multiple diseases. The generics segment has demonstrated 4% decrement as compared to 2017.

Mylan N.V., formerly known as Mylan Inc., is a pharmaceutical firm that licenses, manufactures, markets and distributes generic, branded generic and specialty pharmaceuticals. The company primarily operates in two segments including generics and specialty.

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