How does shoppers drug mart bonus redemption work?

Kyleigh Labadie asked a question: How does shoppers drug mart bonus redemption work?
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If you've been stockpiling PC Optimum points, you might want to pull out your laptop and credit card to finally splurge. The Bonus Redemption Event is BACK at Shoppers Drug Mart, and the more points you spend, the more you'll save.

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Click here to shop the Bonus Redemption Event @ Shoppers Drug Mart; This event is happening in stores and online, but since you can only shop cosmetics on the web, I'm going to focus on beauty. Make sure you're signed in to your PC Optimum account or present your card when you check out (or sign up here for free, if you're not yet a member) to take part. Here's a quick breakdown of how things work: if you redeem 50,000 PC Optimum points, you'll get $65 off (so an extra $15). Or if you really ...

Redeeming your points at Shoppers Drug Mart is exciting, and although there are many great things you can get for free with your points, you do want to go into the store with some kind of plan on how you’re going to spend them.. Make a list of “must haves”, and get those items first. Make a list of “just in case” items and get those if your must haves are sold out.

Since Shoppers Drug Mart puts out a redemption day every couple of months, you don't have to redeem every time even if you have the points just to do it. If you don't really need items, don't get something just to get it. Next redemption you can get more. You can do up to 2 redemptions each day (equaling $200 each). Or for the past couple of years in December, Shoppers Drug Mart has held a mega bonus redemption where the up the values to $100 or $250! You can also get the 2 redemptions with ...

Shoppers Drug Mart is currently running a ‘Bonus Redemption Event’ until August 18th. On a normal day, 50,000 PC Optimum points account for $50 when you purchase something, but during Bonus Redemption Event, 50,000 points will give you $65, equivalent to 65,000 points. Similarly, redeeming 100,000 points will net you $140 in value and ...

Shoppers Drug Mart is the only store in the PC Optimum system where you automatically receive base points on the dollars you’ve spent. It’s an easy calculation, as you earn 15 points per dollar. Simply multiply your dollars spent, before taxes, by 15 to get your base points. For example, if you spend $20.15 before taxes, you multiply 20 x ...

Cash out your Points on Bonus Redemption Days. Periodically, Shoppers Drug Mart will have special ‘spend your points’ events that will provide extra savings when you redeem your rewards. For instance, a recent promotion in August offered $200 off when you redeem 95,000 points – which is an added $30 in savings over and above the norm.

Shoppers Drug Mart. More offers from Shoppers Drug Mart. Shoppers is having a bonus redemption from Saturday Sept 8th to Monday Sept 10th. 60000 points =$75 (Xtra $15) 130000 points =$175 (xtra $45) 250000 points =$350 (Xtra $100) Edit: this is just for shoppers drug mart, not for Loblaws, no frills or rcss. Nearby Shoppers Drug Mart locations:

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Admittedly, Shoppers does cost more than other stores for many items, but 30% back in points is crazy. In recent times, the Shoppers Drug Mart bonus redemption events gave the following: Redeem your PC Optimum points during bonus redemptions. To maximize the value of your PC Optimum points, you should redeem them whenever there’s a bonus ...

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