How much does married to medicine make?

Beaulah Franecki asked a question: How much does married to medicine make?
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Married to medicine season 7 episode 7 & 8

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The Married to Medicine stars' salaries vary greatly

Simone Whitmore, at around $286,000 per year. However, she's self-employed, so she likely earns a bit more than that — probably closer to $300,000 annually, as noted by Cheat Sheet. Dr.

What is 'married to medicine' about?

  • When it comes to reality TV, Bravo is one of the biggest television networks right now, and they are responsible for some of the greatest reality TV shows ever, like Real Housewives, Vanderpump Rules , and of course, Married to Medicine. The latter follows the lives of a group of women who are all somehow linked to medicine.

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Jacqueline walters net worth & biography 2018 | married to medicine salary!

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She's now focused on raising her children, but she and her emergency room doctor husband, Dr. Eugene Harris III, are working on a concierge medical business. Her net worth is approximately $2...

Finally, Dr. Contessa Metcalfe, a flight surgeon and the owner of a medical concierge service, probably earns over $200,000 annually, according to Concierge Medicine Today. Her husband, meanwhile, is a family medicine physician who makes about $225,000 annually, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Word has it that Mrs. Bush Harris makes a whopping $100,000 from each episode on this reality TV show. Going by these figures, then Toya Bush-Harris may have taken $1.3 million in 2013 when the show first aired and a rough estimate of $1.7 in 2014. Toya Bush-Harris from Married to Medicine has Net Worth of $2 Million.

Together they run a concierge medical business. Toya actively takes part in philanthropic projects and volunteers in her community and the local church. She earns almost $100,000 per season for ‘Married to Medicine.’ Currently, Toya Bush-Harris’ net worth is around $4 million.

With her practice and her work with Married to Medicine, she made a considerable fortune that consists of $3.5 million. She's been married to Cecil Whitmore for many years, with whom she has two sons. Despite having totally different styles, the couple loves each other and their family. 5 Mariah Huq - $4 Million

Married to Medicine (also known in some countries as Married to Medicine: Atlanta) is an American reality television series that began to air on March 24, 2013 on Bravo and was created by Mariah Huq. The series chronicles the lives of seven women in the Atlanta medical community with four of the women being doctors themselves, while the others are doctors' wives.

Married to Medicine star Toya Bush-Harris and her husband Doctor Eugene Harris are moving on from their Milton, Georgia home, and they’re listing the property for $3.525 million.

In fact, according to Life & Style, the cast of Married to Medicine make more in a month than most people do in a year. And even amongst this glittering cast, Dr. Simone is one of the richest. She ...

There's no drama that we know of happening in the Huq household — Mariah has her conflicts outside the marriage, if Season 6 was any clue. She's accused Quad of being a cocaine addict and sowed seeds of doubt about Heavenly and Damon's marriage. But by all outward appearances everything with her own marriage appears rock-solid as ever.

Now, a source close to the Married to Medicine star is revealing why the couple listed the spacious, sophisticated property, which includes an incredibly stylish master suite and a sprawling pool and backyard setup overlooking a golf course. Toya and Eugene have apparently listed the home (for $3.525 million) as a shrewd financial move, considering ...

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