How to get my autistic son to brush his teeth?



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Stand behind them and help apply a very small amount of toothpaste, like the size of a pea. You may have to help by guiding their hands, making sure to reach all sides of the teeth in front and in back. You can also help ease some anxiety and help to teach the technique by brushing at the same time.

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No really, it’s one of his favorite places! Use An App. Oral B has just come out with a great Disney Magic Timer App, it’s free to download! Then just scan your Oral B or Crest products to unlock the features! As your child brushes, a character or picture will appear. They can collect a different image each time and keep it in their album.

1. Brush the outside, inside and tops of the bottom back teeth on one side of the mouth five times. 2. Move up and brush the inside, outside and chewing surfaces of the top teeth five times. 3. Brush the bottom front teeth outside and inside five times. 4. Move to the opposite side and brush the bottom teeth outside and inside five times. 5.

Get a toothbrush with a soft and easy-to-grip handle. Also consider buying a 3-sided toothbrush. It cleans multiple teeth surfaces in just a single stroke, meaning they don’t have to spend a full 2 minutes brushing their teeth. Get a toothbrush with lights and music to encourage them to brush their teeth.

There are some great apps available on tablets. They can help children brushing their teeth and come with a variety of aides/prompts. Give the individual a reward system. You can have a weekly sticker chart. Then, they get a sticker for each day they brush their teeth. So many stickers = a treat. This could be a trip to their favourite park etc.

Let your child brush their teeth then you brush them. Let your child brush your teeth or a toy. Give your child a toothbrush and allow them to brush your teeth while you brush theirs! Alternatively brush a favourite toys teeth, improvise if the toy doesn’t have teeth – they can still be cleaned with a toothbrush!

Oranurse is a flavorless and non-foaming toothpaste which was initially created for children with autism who were were sensitive to strong flavors and taste. Overall, this toothpaste doesn’t foam and has zero flavor which may help ease your child’s comfort. 5.Focus on finding the right tooth BRUSH.

My son is now 9 years old with severe autism and complex health needs and he is 100% non verbal. It was so difficult to brush his teeth. I used to ask 2 of my neighbors at the same time to come and help brush his teeth as I could not do so alone.

Experiment with unscented roll-on deodorants or natural crystal antiperspirant. 6. Get him into the habit of flossing, and if he has bad breath, have him gently scrape the back of his tongue with his toothbrush. Get a fun timer to help him brush longer, like a cool little hourglass filled with blue sand.

Autistic children may need additional assistance that may be different than what other children need. Your son is special just as any other child is, albeit not acting like other children in some aspects. As parents have to do with ANY child, you will have to adapt to his own special needs and/or abilities.

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