Is ice cream healthy?

Amelie Carter asked a question: Is ice cream healthy?
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Ice cream is a sweet and refreshing treat. However, it's high in sugar, calories, and possibly additives and artificial ingredients. Thus, you should read labels carefully if you want a more wholesome dessert. Ice cream can be part of a healthy, well-balanced diet if consumed occasionally and in moderation.

Most ice cream is high in calories and added sugar while low in nutrients. Although low-fat and no-sugar-added choices are commonly marketed as healthier, they're still calorie-dense and may contain various sweeteners.

Not only does ice cream have nutritional value, but it also is an incredible source of energy. Ice cream is rich with carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, which are all, needed for our bodies to produce energy. Careful on how much energy you want to get from ice cream, after all, it can also help you gain weight.

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Eating the occasional ice cream can help you get the calcium you need to keep your bones healthy and strong. Calcium defiency has also been linked to breast cancer. Eating foods with calcium, like ice cream (and healthier options), may help reduce your risk of breast cancer. Ice Cream's Nutrients and Their Benefits

Ice cream is neither healthy nor unhealthy. There are healthy and unhealthy ingredients and some products contain different and more ingredients than others. Although it contains good and bad ingredients, ice cream isn't your enemy. There are also health benefits and the best thing is to consume it in moderation just like any other dessert.

But how healthy is ice cream and is there a way to incorporate it into your diet? “Ice cream made from cow’s milk will supply calcium and protein, but they are often high in saturated fat and added sugars,” said Heather Klug, registered dietician at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center.

Lower-calorie ice creams and frozen yogurts have been around for years, but the newer crop of treats boasts a more drastic reduction in calories, fat, and sugars. In fact, some “healthier” ice ...

Enlightened, which is marketed as “ice cream that's good for you,” is similar to Halo Top. The product's makers start with skim milk and add milk protein isolate (to bump up the protein), fiber,...

Ice cream is not bad for you unless you eat too much of it. Moderate consumption of ice cream can actually bring you several health benefits with all the vitamins and minerals it contains. Below is detailed information about why eating ice cream is good: 1.

Although ice cream can be healthy, you shouldn't indulge too much. Going overboard can lead to side effects like obesity, high blood sugar, and brain fogginess.

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