Is it okay to drink kefir while taking antibiotics?

Aidan Johnston asked a question: Is it okay to drink kefir while taking antibiotics?
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There is no suggestion in current research that probiotics interfere with the action of antibiotics in any way. In fact, doctors and GPs are often now recommending probiotic supplements and probiotic foods, such as yoghurts or kefir, to be taken alongside a course of antibiotics.

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If you are taking two pills a day, morning and evening, you can try to take kefir in the middle of the day. Consuming probiotics with antibiotics MAY decrease the effectiveness of the medication, the notion being that there’s only so much antibiotics to go around. Instead I’d recommend skipping the kefir during treatment, and then take lots after.

This reality forms a strong theoretical basis for considering kefir during and after any antibiotic regimen. The December 2010 issue of the Journal of Medicinal Foods makes the case for using kefir alongside antibiotics. An antibiotic regimen known as “triple therapy” is commonly employed to eradicate H. pylori in infected patients.

This is purely anectdotal, but I relapsed pretty darn hard, while drinking 32oz of plain kefir about 3 times per week, I was not eating Sugar at all at the time, and eating quite a few (starchy)beans on a daily basis to increase dietary fiber intake. I was really caught off gaurd that candida did so well, ha ha believe me, under these condidtions in combination with major life stress, which is always a factor.

She goes on to say, “When the course of antibiotics is finished continue taking the probiotics and eat a GAPS introduction diet. If you eat only (chicken meat stock) for a couple of days along with kefir and yogurt your gut flora will restore itself.” (37:50) These foods are very soothing and nutritious for the digestive system.

Kefir is a probiotic drink made by fermenting milk. Kefir is used for obesity, athletic performance, osteoporosis, high cholesterol, and many other conditions, but there is no good scientific ...

Kefir can improve the balance of healthy bacteria and has been shown in studies to both stop the diarrhea caused by antibiotics or by viruses, as well as help to aid in the healing of peptic ulcers. Other studies have found that drinking kefir also significantly reduced symptoms of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and others.

Probiotics are also found naturally or added to foods such as dark chocolate, yogurt, miso soup, pickles, sauerkraut, tempeh, or kefir. What is the rationale behind taking probiotics with antibiotics? Taking an antibiotic for an infection can kill beneficial bacteria that live in your gut.

However, as stated above, having a milk product such as kefir with a meal or thirty minutes prior to a meal should give your healthy microbes the best chance of survival. Then adding in cultured veggies and kombucha, which are resistant to antibiotics, should make a huge difference in keeping you healthy even if you have to take an antibiotic.

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