Is it true that marijuana is a gateway drug?

Salvador Berge asked a question: Is it true that marijuana is a gateway drug?
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  • Weed is commonly recognized as a gateway drug. However, its association to harder drugs has been widely debated. Many believe marijuana builds a person’s tolerance to stronger drugs, and certain studies back up this idea. A study published in the International Journal of Drug Policy found that nearly 45 percent of regular marijuana smokers ...

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These findings are consistent with the idea of marijuana as a "gateway drug." However, the majority of people who use marijuana do not go on to use other, "harder" substances. Also, cross-sensitization is not unique to marijuana. Alcohol and nicotine also prime the brain for a heightened response to other drugs 51 and are, like marijuana, also ...

There’s a clear pattern in these statements, but repeating something doesn’t make it true. Research, not rhetoric, is the real gauge to follow – and studies have shown that, despite claims to the contrary, marijuana is not the gateway drug we should be worrying about. Studies Show Cigarettes, Alcohol Are the Real Gateway Drugs, Not Cannabis

At the time Romney believed marijuana was a gateway drug that leads to harder substance use. Similarly during the 2016 Republican primary, several candidates including Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina argued against loosening federal regulations of marijuana because they believed that marijuana was a gateway drug.

The Gateway Drug Theory suggests that marijuana is likely to be used before advancing to "harder" drugs, such as opioids. There are two proposed reasons for this: Experimentation: Trying a drug ...

Cannabis is often called a “gateway drug,” meaning that using it will probably lead to using other substances, like cocaine or heroin. The phrase “gateway drug” was popularized in the 1980s. The...

There have been many debates as to whether marijuana is a gateway drug. Proponents of marijuana legalization will say no, there is no evidence of this. It may be true that there are plenty of people who smoke marijuana and never go on to using other drugs. But the fact remains that marijuana itself is a drug, which essentially is a toxin and ...

Marijuana is not a gateway drug. People who have tried marijuana may eventually go on to try harder drugs in search of a stronger high, and experimentation may lead them down a dangerous path ...

The phrase ‘gateway drug,’ especially as it pertains to cannabis, has a particular connotation. We’re led to believe that using marijuana is the gateway to more dangerous substance-use behaviors. Although marijuana is a ‘soft’ drug, it’s seen as the first rung on the ladder of addiction.

According to all of the scientific literature available, it can be safely stated that cannabis is not a ‘gateway’ drug, in fact, cannabis can become an effective treatment for hard drug addictions such as opioids.

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