Jason mewes drug problem?

Glenna McCullough asked a question: Jason mewes drug problem?
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Mewes has openly talked about his struggles with substance abuse, which began in his early 20s. He first began using heroin shortly after appearing in Mallrats and was soon addicted; he was under the influence while filming Chasing Amy and Dogma… In 1999 Mewes was arrested in New Jersey for heroin possession.

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Jason Mewes Speaks About Prescription Drug Addiction. Jason Mewes known for some of his roles in Clerks, Dogma, and half the duo of Jay and Silent Bob speaks out about his addiction to heroin and prescription drugs. Mewes grew up in a home with an addicted mother and pretty much stayed away from drugs and alcohol due to experiences in his childhood.

It’s believed that Jason’s years of heroin use rotted his teeth, forcing him to get dentures. The actor first became addicted to the opioid after starring in 1995’s Mallrats . Kevin, who directed the buddy comedy, urged his friend to seek help through rehabilitation centers, but Jason consistently relapsed.

The drug addled life of Jason Mewes -- How the ''Clerks II'' actor bounced back from his addiction. By Christine Spines. Updated July 14, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT. Jason Mewes woke up one Christmas ...

Jason Mewes Drug Addiction. Jason Mewes didn’t grow up in Hollywood. He grew up the way many of us grow up. In an economically depressed community with an addicted parent. Life wasn’t easy for him, and his future didn’t look bright. Like many other addicts, he struggled in school and acted out. And, like a good many other addicts, he had a gift.

More than four years into Jason Mewes' first effort at going sober, he fell victim to a pitfall feared by many recovering heroin users: getting nostalgic in a bad way, thanks to legally-prescribed...

We were doing hella drugs in that bitch. Everyday I was lit. Acid, speed, dxm, weed, E, lean. Shits pricey there but idc cause it’s doing drugs in japan. At first i was scared about doing drugs there cause everyone says Japan dont play about that shit. But after like a year of regular drug use, i felt invincible.

The duo are in Colorado this week recording for an episode of the podcast dubbed, appropriately, the POTcast. I had a chance to catch up with Mewes about the show, his addiction to oxys an cocaine, and his undying love for cannabis–even if he’s not smoking it these days.

These attempts were unsuccessful for Mewes, whose problem was so severe that Smith was unable to give him a part in 2004's Jersey Girl. [3] Mewes continued to use drugs, and has related that he decided to turn himself in and get help after waking up on Christmas morning in 2002 to find that he had started a fire after falling asleep near a lit candle while on heroin.

Mewes shot the film Drawing Flies in Vancouver, where he got his first taste of the drug he'd sworn he would never try. At this point Mewes' mother was out of jail — and HIV positive, presumably ...

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