Jay z selling drugs?

Christiana Ritchie asked a question: Jay z selling drugs?
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Video answer: Why is jay-z sellling drugs again?

Why is jay-z sellling drugs again?

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According to his interviews and lyrics, he sold crack cocaine and was shot at three times during this period.

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Jay z is selling drugs again! | half woke news | all def

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For the 20th anniversary of "Reasonable Doubt," a look back at how Jay Z went from dealing drugs to being a mogul with his hand in far more than just the music industry. Markets Tech

Jay Z has long been rapping about selling drugs. Now one of the Brooklyn, New York rapper’s self-proclaimed cocaine customers has come forward. “Back in the late ‘80s, I went to this man on ...

Jay Z Talks Drug Dealer Past, Calls Blue Ivy His Biggest Fan And Says Bey Is ‘Gangsta’ In Vanity Fair. Jay Z opened up in a recent interview with Vanity Fair, discussing his notorious history with drugs. The rapper and business mogul has shared some details about his pre-fame life in the past, but he was particularly candid in explaining what he ...

“One person who spent time with both Jay Z and DeHaven during the early 1990s estimates that Jay Z was moving a kilogram of cocaine (a $12,000 value before the fourfold street markup) per week ...

From the creator of Snoop Dogg's "Clout Chasers" Jay-Z Life Of A Drug Dealer is a serious documentary about the rapper's life when he was a drug dealer. The ...

Jay-Z: I Was Addicted To The Danger Of Dealing Drugs. By Katy Hall. Jay-Z became a crack dealer at age 13 and dodged bullets in the Brooklyn projects before moving “from grams to Grammys.”. He opens up about his drug dealing past in October’s O magazine in an interview with Oprah herself. Oprah: So by the time you were 13, this was a way of life.

Jay often explained the losses that he took while selling drugs, recounting the time when he was shot at three-times at close-range, lost 92 kilos of cocaine, and other unfortunate events.

Eventually, crack became a part of Jay Z's life too — as a way to make money. The mogul clarified to Vanity Fair, however, that he never used crack, only sold it.

It’s the urban Horatio Alger story, from as he said, “grams to Grammys.” Shawn Carter sold out his community for his personal gain by selling drugs to his own people. Jay-Z, the capitalists, has once again increased his personal fortune by buying into an institution that has also shown little regard for the fate of Black people.

Growing up in Jamaica, Queens, 50 Cent began selling crack and cocaine at the age of 12, while living with his grandmother. (His mother, who also sold drugs, died when 50 Cent was 8.)

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Video answer: Jay z says if he wasn't a rapper he would go back to dealing drugs! exclusive interview (2018!)

Jay z says if he wasn't a rapper he would go back to dealing drugs! exclusive interview (2018!)