Johnny cash drug use?

Samara Gleason asked a question: Johnny cash drug use?
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Johnny cash on drugs (september 1966)

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Outlaw image. As his career was taking off in the late 1950s, Cash started drinking heavily and became addicted to amphetamines and barbiturates. For a brief time, he shared an apartment in Nashville with Waylon Jennings, who was deeply addicted to amphetamines. Cash would use the stimulants to stay awake during tours.

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#03 johnny cash speaks on the subject of drug abuse

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Johnny Cash was not only an alcoholic but abused amphetamines and was addicted to barbiturates as well.

The drug addiction that took hold of Johnny Cash started in the 1960’s when he began drinking heavily and started using amphetamines and barbiturates. It became a vicious cycle. He used drugs in the morning to “pick him up”, drugs in the evening to “help him sleep” and alcohol in between just to cope.

Cash did not end all drug use until 1970, staying drug-free for a period of seven years. Grant claims that the birth of Cash's son, John Carter Cash, inspired Cash to end his dependence. Cash began using amphetamines again in 1977. By 1983, he was deeply addicted again and became a patient at the Betty Ford Clinic in Rancho Mirage for treatment. He stayed off drugs for several years, but relapsed. By 1989, he was dependent and entered Nashville's Cumberland Heights Alcohol and Drug Treatment ...

In 2003, legendary musician Johnny Cash died from respiratory arrest, after years of drug abuse. While many pals believed the icon passed away at age 71 of a broken heart—following his longtime...

In May, Cash lost his wife of 35 years, June Carter Cash. At her funeral, Courtney Wilson, former pastor of First Baptist Church in Hendersonville, Tenn., recalled how 36 years ago he met June and Johnny, and one Sunday while Johnny was recovering from a bout with drug abuse, June persuaded him to go to church with her.

John Carter Cash, 37, has written a book recounting his father’s lifelong struggle with drugs and revealing for the first time that his mother also was a major pill-popper, often paranoid that her...

JOHNNY Cash was one of the music industry’s biggest names, but he spent most of his career battling drug addiction and a tumultuous marriage. His only son, John Carter Cash, is still living with the fallout. Speaking with, John said that even though his parents were loving, his struggles were obvious.

Johnny and June had met in 1955, and had performed together on many occasions before he proposed to her on stage in February 1968, shortly after a suicide attempt in Tennessee’s Nickajack Cave, which had led him to (temporarily) curtail his drug use. Johnny and June were married a week later. By 1970, Cash was clean once again, only to relapse in 1977. After checking himself into rehab that year, Cash relapsed once again in 1989, and then again in 1992. He continued to struggle with ...

Johnny Cash's drug problem was far worse than many people thought - and led to him crashing cars, cancelling entire tours and taking over 100 pills a day, according to the author of a bombshell new...

According to Marshal Grant, Johnny Cash controlled his drug intake after 1967, and stopped using amphetamines completely following John Carter’s birth. In the mid-to-late 1970s Johnny Cash once again slid into heavy use of amphetamines and tranquilizers, which led to problems with his bass player.

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Johnny cash 1993 interview