Jumpers drug?

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Nobody really knows what the "silver magic ships" represent, but the "jumpers" are amphetamines, the "coke" is cocaine, and "sweet Mary Jane" is marijuana.

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Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) may be used judiciously in the acute phase of jumper's knee in conjunction with nonpharmacologic modalities for pain relief and anti-inflammatory...

Pharmaceuticals that work as an upper. 1. Australian/British etc. for Sweater. 2. Someone who commits suicide by jumping from a high place, normally a tall buiulding. Can be used to describe someone who is about to jump, or someone who already has.

3. If you're concerned about the fit, pay attention to the measurements. The chest width is the width in inches from armpit to armpit. The front length is the length from the top of the shoulder to the bottom hem. Measurements are taken with the garment laying flat. Note that 'drug rugs' are generally worn slightly oversized.

Jumper’s knee is inflammation of your patellar tendon, the tendon that connects your kneecap (patella) to your shin bone (tibia). Jumper’s knee is a sports-related injury caused by overuse of your knee joint. Jumper’s knee is diagnosed by taking a medical history and doing a physical exam. Sometimes an X-ray may be needed.

Unashamedly, he sang about Silver Magic Ships, Jumpers, Coke and Sweet Mary Jane in slang references to various drugs like LSD and Heroin. Both albums, in fact, and the two (actually 3) unreleased songs found on the greatest hits album, are riddled with references to drugs and drug culture.

Jumpers, coke, sweet Mary Jane Nobody really knows what the "silver magic ships" represent, but the "jumpers" are amphetamines, the "coke" is cocaine, and "sweet Mary Jane" is marijuana. It's a very bleak tale about being in the throes of addiction - the "Sugar Man" is a false friend who will turn your heart to dead black coal.

To inject drugs with a syringe is to shoot, spike, boot, or slam the drug. Someone who is bipping is snorting drugs, while a tweaker is a person on a mission to find crack cocaine (but tweek is a methamphetamine-like substance). People who are chiefing, blasting, or participating in a clam bake are smoking marijuana.

31 March 1922. On the night of March 31, 1922, the disaster struck a small Bavarian farm at 43 Miles north of Munich, Germany. All the residents of the farm were killed with a mattock and the mysterious murders remained unresolved. A few days before these murders, the father, farmer Andreas Grueber, told the neighbors that he had discovered a ...

Drug slang is constantly changing and evolving. Some terms are universal, yet others solely exist among groups of friends. Whether you're a parent, teacher, law enforcement officer, or simplay a concerned friend - it's important to stay up to date on the latest drug related slang terms. Below is a list of 88 drug slang terms starting with the ...

j - Marijuana cigarette j - Joint jab/job - To inject a drug jack - Steal someone else's drugs jack-up - To inject a drug jackpot - Fentanyl jackson - Amphetamine jag - Keep a high going jam - Cocaine; amphetamine jam cecil - Amphetamine jamaican gold - Marijuana jamaican red hair - Marijuana jane - Marijuana jay - Joint jay - Marijuana cigarette jay smoke - Marijuana jee gee - Heroin

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