Keith richards drug use?

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Keith richards on drug use and the rolling stones

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Richards's notoriety for illicit drug use stems in part from several drug busts during the late 1960s and 1970s and his candour about using heroin and other substances. Richards has been tried on drug-related charges five times: in 1967, twice in 1973, in 1977, and in 1978.

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Keith richards passes out on drugs

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Also, how did using drugs influence Richards' music style? Keith Richards was charged with heroin possession and trafficking, and much more Kevin Winter/Getty Image

Advertisement. The members of The Rolling Stones band have had various histories of drug encounters, but perhaps none of them have been through a drug-driven experience comparable to that of the band’s lead guitarist, Keith Richards. During an interview with Telegraph in 2018. “Drugs are not interesting these days,” he said.

Keith Richards, Rolling Stones guitarist and perennial “pirate-junkie” has no regrets, going so far as to defend his heroin use by claiming that he “got something out of it,” while slamming the idea of rehab. The legendary rocker has talked candidly about his excessive drug use in his 2010 tell-all autobiography, “Life,” but he elaborated on it in ...

Given how much was already known about Richards' drug use (rumors even surfaced years ago that he snorted his dead father's ashes with a line of cocaine—Life confirms that he did, by the way ...

Legend has it that Richards got word from the Marshall Chess, a record producer who had recently kicked heroin himself, of an unconventional treatment that would cure Richards of his addiction instantaneously: a total blood change, administered by a Florida doctor.

As was alluded to earlier, Richards was a big fan of cocaine. More specifically, the pharmaceutical variety, colloquially known as Merck cocaine, thanks to its ties to the drug company of the same name. The guitarist has described the Rolling Stones' 1975 tour as "fueled by Merck," claiming to have done a bump between songs any time he was on stage.

Keith Richards using heroin with a famous model was recently revealed. Fox News asked, “What did you think of Keith when you met him for the first time?” Jo Wood responded, “He didn’t say ...

The scale of drug use by iconic Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards is cemented in music and pop culture history. The stories of his excesses are legendary. He was busted for heroin numerous times in the 1960s and 1970s. In the late 1970s, Richards allegedly went nine days without sleep in the recording studio. He later bragged, “Nine days without a wink.”

By the mid-Seventies, Keith Richards was a drug-bust veteran, but this one topped them all and threatened to derail the Rolling Stones at their peak. In February 1977, Canadian cops found roughly...

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Keith richards: "i was the most likely to die"