London drugs passport photo price canada?

Flo Jones asked a question: London drugs passport photo price canada?
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Passport photos at London Drugs are $11.99 and come with a photo guarantee. If the photo is not approved by the Passport Canada office then a $50 London Drugs gift card will be issued and the photo will be retaken.

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London Drugs confidently backs the biometric passport photo technology, as shown by the complete refund policy and offer to both retake the photo and give you a $50 store gift card if the passport office declines your photo.** Canadian Passport Photo Tips

Get a Canadian passport photo at London Drugs for only $0.19! Passport Photo Online is an online photo maker that will help you get the printable passport photo template. The digital photo you get can be printed at any London Drugs pharmacy.

Our photo department handles high-quality passport, citizenship and visa photos. If your photos are rejected by Passport Canada, all replacement photos are provided at no additional costs. To back up your digital photos while you're away, log onto our website.

London Drugs uses a new biometric technology to ensure the passport photos pass Passport Canada’s high standards. They offer a $50 guarantee if the passport photo is declined, will refund the customer’s money, and take a new photo. You can’t go wrong with that deal!

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London Drugs Photolab offers photo printing services, free online photo storage, in-store pickup or mail delivery and custom photo gifts in Canada.

Price Match Guaranteed. 80+ stores across Western Canada. How we're supporting customers and staff during COVID-19 Please visit for the most up to date information including vaccine eligibility criteria and appointment availability through our online booking system.

Costco Passport Photo Price. Costco Canada offers passport photo printing services for pretty high prices and we believe there’s no need to pay that much for some passport photos! A set of Costco photos can get up to $5.99. Why would you buy a Costco passport photo if you can get it much cheaper using our

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