Marianne faithfull drugs?

Trevor Robel asked a question: Marianne faithfull drugs?
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Faithfull lived on London's Soho streets for two years, suffering from heroin addiction and anorexia nervosa. Friends intervened and enrolled her in an NHS drug programme, from which she could get her daily fix on prescription from a chemist. She failed at controlling or stabilising her addiction at that time.

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Marianne Faithfull: 'Drugs are completely irrelevant to me now' Marianne Faithfull has a new album out, laying bare her soul, and two films due in cinemas later this year.

Marianne Faithfull: 'Heroin saved my life' The singer has admitted that heroin 'protected' her and that she 'would be dead' without the drug By Rupert Hawksley 02 December 2014 • 5:23pm

Faithfull is a quintessential survivor of the ups and downs of British fame, from being Mick Jagger’s girlfriend and muse to going through drug abuse and homelessness – right up to being ...

Marianne Faithfull opens up about her favorite books and poems, how she survived drugs, the impact Mick Jagger left on her, and more.

Marianne Faithful claims the Rolling Stones’ drugs bust was a diversion to keep public attention away from the VIP child abuse The singer claimed the Establishment wanted focus on 'silly little hippies' She claims it was to move attention away from politicians abusing children Keith Richards and ...

Marianne Faithfull spent two years on the streets of Soho, as a drug-addicted anorexic. How did it feel to go back there, to play a sex worker in a new film? She talks to Geoffrey Macnab.

Marianne Evelyn Gabriel Faithfull (born 29 December 1946) is an English singer, songwriter, and actress. She achieved popularity in the 1960s with the release of her hit single " As Tears Go By " and became one of the lead female artists during the British Invasion in the United States.

Marianne Faithfull The English singer and actress in the backseat of a car, taken by Kevin Cummins in November 1981, in Manchester. Mick Jagger, lead singer of the Rolling Stones, and actress Marianne Faithfull, on their way to Marlborough Street Court on a charge of possessing cannabis.

While Mick never more than dabbled with hard drugs, Marianne steadily progressed from cannabis to cocaine and eventually to heroin, with embarrassing consequences for the socially-ambitious Jagger.

Origins: When nineteen police, on a tip-off, raided a party at Keith Richards’ estate in February of 1967 in search of illegal drugs, Richards, Mick Jagger, Marianne Faithfull, and six other ...

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