Maternal fetal medicine consultation what to expect?

Alan Hahn asked a question: Maternal fetal medicine consultation what to expect?
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During your visit, the specialist will ask detailed questions about your medical history, family history and any complications in prior pregnancies. The doctor may recommend follow-up visits, additional ultrasounds, additional testing or visits with other medical specialists.

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For mothers-to-be whose pregnancies aren’t routine, the doctor or midwife may make referrals to maternal fetal medicine (MFM) specialists for extra care. These high-risk pregnancy experts, also called perinatologists, are OB/GYNs with additional education in diagnosing, monitoring and treating pregnancy complications in women and their unborn children.

Within 24-48 hours of your consultation at the fetal center, the team will likely discuss findings and the agreed upon treatment plan with your physician. Depending on the severity of your fetal syndrome, you may be scheduled for treatment in the form of surgery or otherwise as soon as later that same week.

Co-management: Your doctor or midwife may ask maternal-fetal medicine to co-manage a medical condition during your pregnancy. Diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid disease or a history of premature delivery in prior pregnancies are common conditions that a maternal-fetal medicine specialist is asked to co-manage during pregnancy.

How to prepare for, and what to expect during, Maternal-Fetal Medicine Consultation in our office: Obtain all medical records and tests that pertain to your current health problems, previous serious health problem, and... Request records from doctors and hospitals to be faxed to our office prior to ...

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November 20, 2018. Prenatal genetic testing helps you prepare for the birth of your child while staying informed of the potential genetic disorders that could affect the fetus. Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists with Women’s Care focus on patients with complications during pregnancy. MFM physicians believe that all women have the right to expect ...

MFM consultation. During your consultation, we’ll go over your medical history and any current or past pregnancy problems, perform a comprehensive ultrasound, and outline a plan for your pregnancy and delivery. Prenatal testing and procedures.

Maternal-Fetal Medicine (MFM) specialists treat two patients at the same time, specializing in the care of maternal disease and fetal complications in pregnancy. We partner with you and your family and other doctors that you may be seeing to navigate your pregnancy care safely and help you achieve the best possible outcomes.

A maternal-fetal medicine specialist is a doctor who helps take care of women having complicated or high-risk pregnancies. These doctors are obstetricians who also completed 3 extra years of...

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