Migraine drugs that cause weight loss?

Kacey Steuber asked a question: Migraine drugs that cause weight loss?
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Migraine medication causes weight loss

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Now a new drug called topiramate, also known as Topomax, has been found to not only calm down overactive nerve cells in the brain and help fight migraines. Researchers have also discovered that it can help you lose weight. In a study of 500 migraine patients using topiramate, Dr.

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As most of us who have taken the antiseizure medication Topamax for migraine prevention already know, it can take a knock out punch to your appetite. As researchers have recognized this they've started testing it as a weight loss medication. An investigational weight loss pill called Qnexa combines the medications Topamax and Phentermine.

If you’re in Australia, you may qualify for the clinical trial. All information for applying can be found here: A Proof of Concept Study of the Efficacy and Safety of Oral LAT8881 in Acute Migraine. Interestingly enough, researchers early on speculated that there might be a weight loss benefit to CGRP drugs. If you’re taking one of the new CGRP migraine preventatives, what has your experience been with weight change?

Weight and Migraine Preventative Medications: Drug Class/drug: Weight Change: ...

Other potential migraine prevention agents where weight loss is mild or neutral may include duloxetine and venlafaxine. In contrast, verapamil, more so than propranolol and gabapentin, may be associated with weight gain or be weight neutral, whereas valproic acid, amitriptyline and flunarazine may be associated with substantial weight gain.

I sometimes think, that in not talking about it, maybe we can keep it from happening? LOL.

I have always been a person that struggled to keep weight on. At one point, while on gabapentin and topiramate (which is supposed to help you LOSE weight) I ballooned up to 180 pounds. Up until that point my average weight was around 120-125 pounds.

This rapid reduction often triggers Migraine attacks. Some fad diets eliminate whole groups of foods that provide essential nutrients, and low carbohydrate diets can cause headaches and constipation. Some weight loss supplements like forskolin and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) have also been known to cause headaches.

Those used for treating migraines include gabapentin (Neurontin), topiramate (Qudexy XR, Topamax, Topamax Sprinkle, Trokendi XR) and valproate (Depakene). They do have side effects, though, when...

addy1234 26 May 2015. Sdkb03, I was researching something like cymbalta that doesn't cause weight gain and worsened headaches like The cymbalta does, and I've noticed that effexor could cause weight loss instead of Gain, and that it could help with anxiety, ocd, etc.

Calcium channel blockers can cause: Weight gain; Constipation; Dizziness; Low blood pressure; Tricyclic antidepressants are associated with: Weight gain; Dry mouth; Sedation; Decreased libido; Other antidepressants may cause weight change and decreased libido. The side effects of anti-seizure medications depends on the specific drug. Divalproex sodium can cause: Diarrhea

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