Nature and sources of drugs in pharmacology?

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Nature and source of drugs in pharmacology || l-3, unit-1 || pharmacology 1 || b pharma 4th semester

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Sources of drugs may be natural, synthetic, and biosynthetic. Drugs of plant, animal, microbiological, marine, mineral, geographical origins constitute the natural sources. The entire plant, plant parts, secretion, and exudate of plants are the sources of plant drugs.

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Nature & source of drugs || l-2 unit-1 pharmacology || 4th semester b.pharm

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This chapter deals with almost all the sources of drugs known to man. The nature of drugs relates to the physical or chemical properties of drugs, in general. These properties including drug matter, drug size, drug shape and drug bonds, and others are also explained in brief at the end of this chapter.

Drugs are obtained from six major sources: Plant sources; Animal sources; Mineral/ Earth sources; Microbiological sources; Semi synthetic sources/ Synthetic sources; Recombinant DNA technology; 1. Plant Sources: Plant source is the oldest source of drugs. Most of the drugs in ancient times were derived from plants. Almost all parts of the plants are used i.e. leaves, stem, bark, fruits and roots.

Insulin, heparin, adrenaline, thyroxin, cod liver oil, musk, beeswax, enzymes, and antitoxins sera are some examples of drugs obtained from animal sources. Like plant products, drugs from animal sources may be crude (unrefined) or refined material. 3. Microbial sources. Several life-saving drugs have been historically derived from microorganisms.

Sources of Drugs (cont.): Sources of Drugs (cont.) Sources Details Examples Plants Berries (seeds) , bark, Leaves Resin from trees, roots Morphine Qunine Digitalis / Digoxin Gum acacia Minerals Earth & soil Iron, sulfur, potassium, silver & even gold Animals Glands, organs & tissues Pork insulin Synthetic Man made Meperidine , sulphonamides Microbes Fungus Streptomycets Bacteria Penicillins ...

Introduction to pharmacology and sources of drugs:Dr Rahul Kunkulol's Power point preparations. 3. It is the science that deals with the study of drugs and its effect on biological system. 6/15/2014Rahul 3. 4…. Drug is any substance or product used or intended to be used to modify or explore the physiological state or pathological condition ...

Natural sources are plants, animals, microorganism, minerals, etc. semisynthetic drugs are obtained from natural sources and modified chemically later. Synthetic drugs are produced artificially. The different sources of drugs are as follows: Plants – morphine, atropine, digoxin Animals – insulin

So, what are the sources of drugs? To summarize the paragraph above, the sources of drugs can be grouped as follows: 1. Plant sources . 2. Animal sources . 3. Mineral sources. 4. Laboratory sources. 5. Microorganism sources. Now, let’s have a look at each of these drug sources individually.

The study of the relationships of drugs in pharmacology to the genetic makeup of an individual is known as pharmacogenomics. Now that we’ve covered some general terms, let’s talk about the real meat of pharmacology. Nature of Drugs. We can define a drug as any chemical that brings about a change in biologic function through its chemical actions. Compare this to the definition of pharmacology!

Mineral & Earth Sources Many drugs are mineral substances & their compounds. Metals: Iron is used in treatment of iron deficiency anemia. Mercurial salts are used in Syphilis. Zinc is used as zinc supplement. Zinc oxide paste is used in wounds and in eczema. Gold salts are used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

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Video answer: Nature & source of drugs || 4th semester b.pharm

Nature & source of drugs || 4th semester b.pharm