Oxford medicine interview questions: what will they ask?

Augustus Dare asked a question: Oxford medicine interview questions: what will they ask?
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Oxford from the inside #43: interviewing at oxford: medicine

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Why Medicine/Oxford?

  • Why do you want to study medicine/be a doctor?
  • Why the University of Oxford?
  • What do you think you could contribute to college life? ...
  • How good were your teachers at school?
  • What keeps you awake at night? ...
  • What did you learn from your work experience?

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Oxbridge medicine interview - q&a

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These Oxford medicine interview questions test the applicants’ direct knowledge of the subject. They will not be a large part of the interview process, and will not draw on more than A Level Biology and Chemistry knowledge unless you have mentioned a specific topic in your personal statement.

Your Oxbridge interview won’t spend too much time asking you the questions that most other medical schools focus on (for example, ‘Why Oxford/Cambridge?’ or ‘Why Medicine?’). Instead, they’re interested in how you think and how you approach problems, and especially how you cope with not knowing the answer immediately.

The interviewers will ask challenging questions that are designed to see how well you adapt to different scenarios – and you’ll be expected to talk the interviewers through your thought process as you make an attempt to establish an answer. The majority of other Medical School interviews use the MMI format.

This question builds on general knowledge and material studied at school in biology and chemistry to assess how students approach a clinically-relevant problem. It’s commonly known that diabetes is associated with sugar (glucose) in the urine; this question asks students to think about why this occurs.

The questions they ask in medical interviews at Oxford differ from the questions you get asked at most other universities. For most universities, you can generally prepare answers beforehand since they're all fairly general and usually involve asking you to provide an example of when you showed a certain skill, testing your knowledge of current medical issues, or might involve some medical ethics.

Every year Oxford University releases sample questions to give candidates a taste of what their interviews will be like. See if you’re actually clever enough to answer them: Biological sciences

Questions like this – or more simply “what are you reading at the moment?” – are designed to spark discussion as well as to test what you read beyond the confines of the A-level syllabus. Be prepared to answer questions about whatever you mention here. What to say: A seminal work related to your subject, or something more obscure.

Our Oxbridge interview preparation service will help you achieve the best result possible. Many applicants will have never experienced an interview setting quite like this before. This is why we work with expert Oxbridge graduates and professionals who have been through the process themselves and are able to create an accurate simulation and offer real Oxbridge interview support. Make the most of their expertise and inside-knowledge as they help you navigate the loops and hurdles as you ...

They will be general questions (e.g. why medicine? why exeter?) and usually, one will be relating to one of the questionnaire answers. They will ask you a question relating to empathy and some of the good attributes for a doctor to have (e.g. works well in a team).

Your personal statement is likely to be used as a guide to what to ask you at interview, so make sure you’re able to talk confidently about anything you include. Oxbridge interviews: see the truth behind the myths... 4. Oxbridge interviews are like tutorials or supervisions

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