Pretrial drug testing?

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Crime file: drug testing

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Pretrial drug testing programs must assess the risk of defendants failing to appear in court or presenting a danger to the community if released, and this assessment involves gathering information about each defendant and then extrapolating risk factors from that information.

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Defense motions to be filed if drug charges

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Objectives of pretrial drug testing programs are to maximize the number of identified drug users released to pretrial supervision by offering courts valid alternatives to detention or unsupervised release, to reduce the level of drug use by monitoring defendants, and to separate defendants in need of drug treatment from those who can control drug use through monitoring alone.

pretrial drug testing program in 1984 with initial fund-ing from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ). The program offered two types of urine immunoassay test-ing for defendants: Testing before the initial bail-setting appearance and incorporating the results into the risk assess-ment presented to the judicial officer at the

Pretrial drug testing of suspected offenders at arrest and during the period before trial, however, is a relatively new practice.

By CHRISTY A. VISHER ABSTRACT: Pretrial drug testing of arrestees and defendants re- leased before trial is increasingly being implemented in state and local criminal justice agencies.

drug testing programs in the criminal justice system satisfy due process standards. Pretrial drug testing programs cannot be second-rate, not only because they involve the court's own essential criminal procedures, but also because of the drastic potential consequences of positive test results.11

Pre-trial drug testing is a universal policy which was developed by the government in 1995 at the instruction of then President Bill Clinton. The policy requires that federal arrestees, before being released to the community pending trial need to undergo a mandatory drug test.

Pretrial Drug Testing Pretrial Drug Testing: An Overviewof Issues and Practices In December 1995, President directed AttorneyGeneral to develop and implement auniversal policy providing for the drug testing of allfederal arrestees before the decision is made to releasethem to the community pending trial.

The Pretrial Services Agency for the District of Columbia’s (PSA) in-house laboratory (Lab), operated by the Office of Forensic Toxicology Services (OFTS), conducts drug testing for pretrial defendants under PSA’s supervision, offenders under CSOSA’s supervision (i.e., persons on probation, parole, and supervised release), as well as respondents ordered into testing by the D.C. Superior Court Family Court.

Drug testing is a frequent condition of juvenile justice programs, although research on the effects of drug testing juveniles – especially early system-involved youth – is scarce.

If it says you must submit to alcohol and/or drug testing, then it probably also tells you when you must submit samples for this. In Portage County it usually states that the defendant shall report drug and alcohol free to Day Report a certain number of times per week, or on every date on which the defendant is required to come to court (for out-of-county residents).

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