Putting drugs in your checked luggage?

Bertram Ratke asked a question: Putting drugs in your checked luggage?
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TSA will allow you to bring your medication onto a plane via carry-on or checked baggage. In your situation it probably depends what drugs you're carrying eg morphine based ones will attract more attention than, say, anti inflammatories, and how large a quantity. Do not put them in checked luggage!

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In your hand luggage, you are permitted to carry essential medicines of more than 100ml including dietary supplements. You are also able to take medical equipment. However, for both of these you will require a note from a medical professional that states that these medications have been prescribed to you for your personal use.

TSA agents reserve the right to x-ray and open your checked luggage in your presence or not. They will remove items they consider suspicious. They give priority to all those things that present a threat to people and the plane. But, they also search for smuggled drugs, especially where discovered in bulk.

This happened at my local airport recently; it made the news because the guy was carrying 12 pounds of pot in his checked luggage. TSA called the county sheriff’s office. The passenger was cited for transportation and possession of marijuana, and the marijuana was seized as evidence, but he was allowed to get on the plane, 12 pounds lighter.

Packing your stash in checked luggage may seem like a safer option, but it’s not. Your checked bags are still subject to searches and TSA agents reserve the right to remove items in your luggage that look suspicious, from liquid bleach to a box of dynamite; or in this case, a container of cannabis.

So what you want is just to have your bag look normal in general. Don’t hide your drugs in anything you’re going to have to interact with (film canisters, etc) and be mindful of density ...

For this reason, the bags are more likely to reveal substances and objects and stowing any drugs in checked luggage usually means they will be found, seized and sometimes charges will be filed. It also means the carryon luggage is the better option. How to Hide Drugs to Get Past TSA

Chlorine for swimming pools or spas, jacuzzis and hot tubs is not permitted in checked bags. CO2 cartridge Except for personal medical oxygen cylinders, you can only carry an EMPTY compressed gas cylinder onboard a plane.

According to the TSA, flyers should avoid putting food and beverages in checked bags. Passengers aren’t prohibited from storing chow in checked bags, but it’s a wise suggestion nevertheless. Bottled drinks are likely to explode or crack in transit, thus ruining the cashmere sweater tucked in your bag.

Don’t pack your medications in your checked luggage in case the luggage is lost, stolen or delayed. If traveling domestically, it takes time to have new prescriptions written and filled; when traveling internationally, it’s harder to replace prescription medication.

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