Quick answer: what percentage of furries have autism?

Brandy Rippin asked a question: Quick answer: what percentage of furries have autism?
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Preliminary research indicates between 10-15% of Furries have been diagnosed or self-identify as being on the autism spectrum.

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Furries are people who have created anthropomorphized versions of themselves, and a Pittsburgh-based researcher has found that up to 15 percent of people with this hobby have autism spectrum disorder.

People with ASD tend to be extra sensitive to Bright lights, certain textures, and loud sounds. It can also be difficult to maintain eye contact or make small talk. Another common thing is weighted or tight spaces. Autistic individuals tend to enjoy being squeezed or in a small space. Have weighted stuffed toys or blankets can be very comforting.

1 in 68 = 1.4%, so 4% in a furry survey saying they have ASD means that the average furry would be 4x more likely to be diagnosed with ASD than a non-furry. You didn't even have to call the 4% figure "conservative" to say it is significant. And that should have been the underlying premise of your article.

An estimated 5,437,988 (2.21%) adults in the United States have ASD. The prevalence of US adults with ASD ranged from a low of 1.97% in Louisiana to a high of 2.42% in Massachusetts. The states with the greatest estimated number of adults living with ASD included California (701,669), Texas (449,631), New York (342,280), and Florida (329,131).

Autism stats show that 44% of autistic children have an average to above-average intellectual ability. (CWSN) IQ scores of 44% of autistic children are higher than 85. Then, 25% of autistic children got IQ scores in the range of 71–85. IQ scores of less than 70, marking an intellectual disability, were recorded in 31% of autistic children.

Furries have an average age of 23, with a peak at about 19, and a long tail of older furries. Age distribution of furries. The average age increased by only about a year between 2009 and 2013. This suggests that furry is growing, with new young furs joining the community and offsetting the natural ageing of the group.

1.2 Ethnicity. Across samples, the majority of furries have been consistently been found to self-identify as White, with approximately 15-20% of furries identifying as a member of an ethnic minority. 1 One caveat should be noted, however: the majority of these studies were conducted at North American conventions or, when online, were conducted ...

Quick Answer: What are bird furries called? Author Jack Gloop. 0. Contents. 1 What are insect furries called? 2 Can you be a bird furry? 3 What are avians? 4 Do furries have to be mammals? 5 What are reptile furries called? 6 How was the first furry? 7 Are birds animals Yes or no? 8 What is another name for birds?

Some of us don’t have the mental power to work such long days. When I’m working and I need a quick break from what I’m doing. I take a walk.

Here you are going to see a set of questions surrounding particulars of those that are true furries. Answer them honestly and as closely as possible to find out if you're a furry! Fun. This test is not based on any scientific study whatsoever. It is intended for fun only so do not treat the result too seriously :)

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