Should i stop taking my antibiotics?

Augustine Legros asked a question: Should i stop taking my antibiotics?
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  • It can be very tempting to stop taking antibiotics before the course is completed, especially when patients start to feel better. However, medical professionals strongly recommend that patients keep taking antibiotics until the course is completed, for a number of reasons.
  • If you are prescribed antibiotics, for example, it is very important to take the entire amount prescribed. Do not stop after just a couple of days because you feel better. This is an exceedingly common and potentially very dangerous mistake, because the illness sometimes returns quickly and in a more virulent form.

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Stopping antibiotics based on factors like fever resolution may be superior – and need to be tested. While there have been substantive efforts to reduce the initiation of antibiotics (e.g., Choosing Wisely), little has been done to reduce overuse once prescribed.

So if you are given an antibiotic, first ask your doctor if you really need it, and then if you can stop taking it when you feel better.

Co-author Tim Peto, professor of clinical epidemiology at the University of Oxford, says there’s also no evidence that stopping antibiotics a few days early will cause a bad reaction or make a...

The original theory was this: Treating bacterial infections with an antibiotic kills those bacteria, but this may take a week or more to accomplish. If you stop treatment early, you have only...

Antibiotics are too safe. Most antibiotics, particularly ones like penicillin and cephalexin, are very well tolerated. Adverse events are rare, and are fairly minor — diarrhea and allergies are the principal side effects.

Doctors know full well some portion of people unilaterally decide to stop taking their antibiotics because they feel better. But that approach is not safe in all circumstances — for instance...

Stopping your antibiotics early increases the risk of resistance occurring. If you stop your antibiotics before you finish the full prescription, you may not get rid of all the bad bacteria that made you sick.

Some people also take antibiotics for throat infection, but that should never be recommended unless it’s a bacteria throat infection such as strep. As the CDC points out: “Most sore throats will go away on their own without antibiotics.” Patients stopping antibiotics early due to side effects is a common occurrence.

A lot of people stop taking their antibiotics when they feel better in order to avoid further side effects. This may lead to the infection not properly clearing, resulting in recurrence and the need for another round of medication.

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