Should random drug testing be allowed in the workplace?

Sean Baumbach asked a question: Should random drug testing be allowed in the workplace?
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Can an employer require drug testing in the workplace?

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Workplace drug testing has the potential to greatly enhance health and safety in the workplace. Testing discourages people from abusing substances and thereby suffering any ill health effects and reducing the likelihood of accidents and injuries related to working under the influence.

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When should employers perform a random drug test?

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In conclusion, drug testing in the workplace should ideally be used to enhance the health and safety of employees and those receiving services. They should not be used to further marginalize drug users, by cutting off their access to employment or social welfare.

Random drug testing can help ensure your workforce is sober on the job without picking out specific individuals you may suspect is under the influence (choosing specific individuals would be a reasonable suspicion test). Names of your employees are drawn from a pool, and those employees are tested. You’re not a mind reader.

But employers should note that laws on random drug testing vary from place to place. Some locations restrict their use and others prohibit them altogether. 'Multistate employers must be really ...

Corporations, companies and schools should be allowed to randomly drug test their employees because employers have an expectation that they should not be high on drugs. As much as drugs can be used in a recreational manner thereby not interfering with somebody’s job or public safety, this should not be allowed in the workplace.

Workplace drug testing allows you to protect your company and employees from such a scenario. You’ll be able to identify a potentially problematic situation and steer clear of it. 4. Improves your company’s public image. Maintaining a safe working environment can help boost your company’s public image. If your company were to have even a single workplace accident, it could be devastating for your organisation. Everything fell apart just because you allowed a stoned employee to come to ...

Furthermore, employees in any particular workplace should not be subject to random testing until six weeks have elapsed since an education program has been rolled out in relation to that particular workplace policy.

Should drug testing or pre-employment drug testing should be allowed at workplace? Yes • Pre-employment drug testing will allow the employers to know about the habits of candidates and accordingly they can recruit them. • Drug testing as well as drug screening will allow the employers to have a proper risk control plan at work place. • Employees who work under the influence of drugs not only are a threat to them but also can pose threat to other people’s lives especially in some ...

There is no real evidence that regular drug testing has any effect on production or safety, and branches should resist it. However, if an employer does introduce a testing programme unions should ensure that: ü It is done by a laboratory accredited by the UK Accreditation Service.

Currently, there are no federal laws that dictate drug testing in private sector workplaces. However, the Drug-Free Workplace Act requires federal contractors with contracts over $100,000 to regularly publish statements informing employees of illegal substances and promoting a drug-free environment.

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