Socio economic effects of drugs?

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What will be the socio-economic impact of marijuana legalization ?

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Populations with disadvantaged socioeconomic characteristics are more vulnerable in relation to drug consumption. Among the principal risk factors reported in connection with drug consumption are: low educational levels, high rates of unemployment, dysfunctional families, and psychological and psychiatric problems [4].

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Inequality 1/10 socio-economic stress stratified society & it's effects

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However, there are a set of specific socio-economic circumstances that make people more susceptible to experiment with and eventually become addicted to drugs. These include poverty, under-education, lack of parental involvement, family addiction history and other individual traits and circumstances.

Therefore it is important to give awareness and effect of drugs on the health and socio-economic condition of the people. So that people will be able to know and realize the bad effect of drugs and keep themselves away from drugs. 1.3. Significance of the study Drug abuse is a major problem in every society.

Physiological, Social & Economic Effects of Drug Abuse 1 Significance. The U.N. International Drug Control Program (UNDCP) estimates drug abuse in the United States costs the... 2 Physiological Effects. Physiological effects of drug abuse vary by the type of drug. Stimulants, such as ...

Assessing the economic and social consequences of illicit drug abuse and trafficking, however, implies first, that some measure of the magnitude of the problem is available and secondly, that there is some conceptual clarity about the nature of the consequences of these

Physiological Effects: Stimulants can delay sleep and increase a person's mood Depressants impair mental and physical functions, and slow neural activity in the brain When an abuser stops taking the drug, the body experiences withdrawal symptoms, such as feeling weak or sick. Social Effects: Social effects of drug abuse begins with abusers and their families…

Abstract: This work looks at Drug abuse and its effects on the socio-economic development of some selected unskilled workers in Jalingo, Taraba State. Drug abuse is a cankerworm that has eaten deep into the fabric s of our societies, whose effects are cataclysmic because it cuts across every creed, race, economic and social status.

EXAMPLES OF DRUGS MADE FROM INTERACTION BETWEEN CHEMICALS . 1. Aspirin. 2. Paracetamol. 3. Cough mixture. 4. Chloroquine. 5. Chloramphenicol. 6. Valium. 7. Antibiotics, etc. EXAMPLES OF SUBSTANCES ABUSE 1. Heroin. 2. Cocaine. 3. Sedative LESSON TWO – EFFECTS OF DRUGS ABUSE ON HEALTH/SOCIO – ECONOMIC EFFECTS OF DRUGS ABUSE Effects of Heroine (Street Name – Gbana)

The economic consequences of drug abuse severely burden federal, state, and local government resources and, ultimately, the taxpayer. This effect is most evident with methamphetamine. Clandestine methamphetamine laboratories jeopardize the safety of citizens and adversely affect the environment.

The consumption of illicit drugs not only has serious physical, social and economic consequences for the individual consumer, but also imposes enormous costs on society as a whole, and ultimately funds massive criminal systems. People may choose to take drugs to rebel, to escape, to cope, to survive, to belong or to register resignation and defeat.

Economic Impact Of Substance Abuse. Substance abuse creates a range of consequences beyond impairing the individual. The impact of substance abuse on the economy is vast, but can include the following: loss of productivity in employees; absenteeism for health complication; financial distress to fund the addiction; loss of employment due to legal consequences

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Inequality 5/10 socio-economic stress stratified society & it's effects