What does reid take the drugs from tobias?

Clementina Grady asked a question: What does reid take the drugs from tobias?
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Criminal minds reid's drug addiction

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He seemed remorseful as he watched Tobias die. In an alarming twist, after Reid asked for a moment alone (the team had come to his rescue and found him just after he shot his abductor) he reached into the dead man's pocket and stole two vials of Dilaudid.

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Reid's father leaves him-revelations

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But we saw Spencer take the drugs from Tobias body and then in another episode he goes into the bathroom and takes out the drugs but doesn’t use them because Gideon calls him. And hotch tells prentiss in that he has an agent that could have a drug problem and everyone seems to know that he’s struggling and is taking drugs but they d in t seem to ...

In Season 2 episode 14, Reid is kidnapped by an unsub with Dissociative Identity Disorder. The story continues in episode 15 where Reid is injected multiple times with a combination of Dilaudid (drug store heroine) and a psychidelic which causes the flashbacks. At the end of the episode, he shoots the unsub and takes the drugs from his pocket.

I think Reid’s story is a classic addiction story. Not to say all addictions are the same; they are most certainly not. But, I believe after Tobias drugged Reid he became dependent on it. It was easier for him to keep taking the drug instead of dealing with the pain and the reality of the situation.

Reid being tortured by Tobias Hankel. While being held hostage by serial killer Tobias Hankel, Reid was repeatedly tortured and forcibly injected with Dilaudid, which caused hallucinations of his past and he became addicted. He had a near death experience when he went into a seizure where he saw shadowy figures and a bright light (and, as he later pointed out to Morgan, it couldn't be like other cases where these visions are just doctors in the emergency room).

He gently answers Reid's questions and ultimately notices Reid's bruised foot from his father's abuse. Taking pity on him, Tobias tries to ease Reid's pain by injecting him with Dilaudid. The drug causes Reid to have flashbacks of his childhood.

Under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs, Reid recalls painful memories about his mother's descent into paranoid schizophrenia. The episode ends with Reid's rescue by his teammates. Reid's addiction to the painkiller Tobias administered to him out of mercy (Dilaudid) continues covertly for approximately four episodes, to the distress of his teammates.

Serial killer Tobias Hankle, a religious fanatic, keeps kidnapped Dr. Spencer Reid in a wood cabin, and forces the brilliant, terrified kid to 'confess' by belting his head and bare foot, then injects his own addictive drug; in trance Spencer thinks back to his own dysfunctional mother when he was a minor, till he could get her committed.

Hankel gave Reid doses of a powerful pain management drug during his imprisonment. After Hankel was gunned down, Reid secretly took several vials of the drug off his corpse.

Tobias had a split personality disorder and forcibly injected Reid with the drug Dilaudid, which Reid ended up addicted to after his rescue. What hurt more was that Reid was unable to save Tobias, who Reid felt bad for due to his inability to control his split personality. 8 Damaged (S3 E14)

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