What drug causes asystole?

Lorena Russel asked a question: What drug causes asystole?
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19. acls - pulseless electrical activity & asystole

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  • Adenosine is used to convert arrhythmias involving the AV node (av nodal reentry tachycardia or in some cases av reentry tachycardia) also known as "PSVT". Yes, adenosine will cause asystole, but not for half a minute.

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Asystole is caused by a glitch in your heart’s electrical system. You can get a ventricular arrhythmia when the signals are off. That’s when your lower chambers don’t beat the right way. So your...

Some theoretically reversible causes of asystole include: Cardiac Tamponade Coronary and Pulmonary Thrombosis Hypovolemia Hypoxemia Hydrogen ion (acidosis) Hyperkalemia Hypokalemia Hypothermia Toxins Tension pneumothorax

Drugs used to treat Asystole The following list of medications are in some way related to, or used in the treatment of this condition. Select drug class All drug classes vasopressors (4) antacids (2) minerals and electrolytes (3) adrenergic bronchodilators (4) urinary pH modifiers (2) antidiuretic hormones (2) catecholamines (4)

The following are common causes of an isoelectric line that are not asystole: 1. loose or disconnected leads; 2. loss of power to the ECG monitor; 3. low signal gain on the ECG monitor. Asystole for many patients is the result of a prolonged illness or cardiac arrest, and prognosis is very poor.

Cause. Possible underlying causes, which may be treatable and reversible in certain cases, include the Hs and Ts. Hypovolemia; Hypoxia; Hydrogen ions ; Hypothermia; Hyperkalemia or Hypokalemia; Hypoglycemia; Tablets or Toxins (drug overdose) Electric shock; Tachycardia; Cardiac Tamponade; Tension pneumothorax

Secondary asystole. Medical conditions that may cause secondary asystole include stroke, hyperkalemia or increased potassium levels in the blood, myocardial infarction, pulmonary embolism, ventricular tachycardia, overdoses form hypnotic drugs or narcotics, near drowning and suffocation.

Causes of Asystole. The main reason for asystole to appear on the monitor is the cessation of electrical activity within the heart. This happens when a person goes into cardiac arrest. Cardiac ...

Accidental overdose of a number of different kinds of medications can cause pulseless arrest. Some of the most common include : tricyclics, digoxin, betablockers, and calcium channel blockers). Street drugs and other chemicals can precipitate pulseless arrest. Cocaine is the most common street drug that increases incidence of pulseless arrest.

correctable causes Withhold resuscitation Yes Criteria for Discontinuation Yes Stop resuscitation Pearls Recommended Exam: Mental Status Always confirm asystole in more than one lead. Successful resuscitation of Asystole requires the identification and correction of a cause. Causes of Asystole include: Acidosis Tension Pneumothorax

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