What is a consumer choice health plan?

Kassandra Ryan asked a question: What is a consumer choice health plan?
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Consumer choice is a key approach to improving the quality of health care for Americans. The idea is this: Survey people about the quality of their health care experiences and report the results so that consumers can make informed decisions about a variety of health issues, such as selecting a health plan.

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Texas law requires HMOs to provide rehabilitation benefits without limits. Federal law allows plans to have limits. A consumer choice HMO plan may have limits, such as covering only 25 visits for rehabilitation services per year. Texas law limits an HMOs use of copayment, deductible, and coinsurance (called cost sharing-requirements). But a consumer choice HMO plan may have cost-sharing requirements.

Hence, health plan choice is no longer simply a matter of selecting a system for financing medical care, but instead now involves an a priori decision of choosing a set of providers and system for delivering care.

The underlying assumption of a consumer-driven health plan (CDHP) is that consumers will make more informed choices and forego unnecessary or excess medical care if they have to use more of their own money to pay for it.

The Consumer Choice HMO Plan does not include, in whole or part, coverage for the following health care benefits: Treatment of Chemical Dependency Prescription Contraceptive Drugs and Devices and Related Drugs (Oral Contraceptives not excluded) In-Vitro Fertilization Serious Mental Illness ...

The Consumer Choice PPO Plan has a $1000 individual / $3000 family combined deductible, usually no office visit copayment, 80 percent / 60 percent coinsurance, $150 ER copayment, $3000 individual / $9000 family coinsurance stop-loss, $1,000,000 lifetime maximum per participant and a $20/$35/$50 prescription drug program.

A CDHP is a Consumer Directed Health Plan. CDHPs use a high deductible, paired with a tax-advantages health spending account, or HAS, to increase the amount of accountability that is in place for personalized health care spending. CDHPs include flexible spending arrangements, health reimbursement arrangements, and medical savings accounts.

What is a Consumer-Driven Health Plan (CDHP)? A CDHP is a high-deductible plan where a portion of the health care services are paid for with pre-tax dollars. High-deductible plans have higher annual deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums than traditional health plans.

Sec. 1507.052. DEFINITIONS. (a) In this subchapter, "standard health benefit plan" means a group or individual evidence of coverage that, in whole or in part, does not offer or provide state-mandated health benefits but that provides creditable coverage as defined by Section 1205.004(a) or 1501.102(a).

First, HSAs allow you to set aside dedicated tax-free funds specifically for health care costs. They reduce out-of-pocket costs and allow individuals and families to prepare for future health costs.

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