What is the meaning of recovery in mental health?

Austen Wehner asked a question: What is the meaning of recovery in mental health?
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Recovery means being able to create and live a meaningful life and contribute to your community, with or without mental health issues. Recovery is about all of your life, not just your symptoms. It involves: finding hope, and developing self-esteem and resilience. having a sense of purpose and meaning in your life.

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The concept of “recovery” originally began in the addictions field, referring to a person recovering from a substance use disorder. The term has more recently been adopted in the mental health field as people realize that, similar to recovery from an addiction, recovery from a mental illness is also possible.

The NDIA defines recovery as achieving an optimal state of personal, social and emotional wellbeing, as defined by each individual, whilst living with or recovering from a mental health condition.” (NDIS) The term ‘recovery’ in relation to mental health can be misunderstood, as it is often confused with the medical understanding of the word, which may mean ‘being cured’ or having no symptoms.

For many people, the concept of recovery is about staying in control of their life despite experiencing a mental health problem. Professionals in the mental health sector often refer to the ‘recovery model’ to describe this way of thinking.

From the perspective of the individual with mental illness, recovery means gaining and retaining hope, developing an understanding of one’s abilities and disabilities, engaging in an active life, and acquiring personal autonomy, social identity, a meaning and purpose in life, and a positive sense of self.

We define Recovery as the absence of severe or abnormal distress, and the presence of positive emotions and wellness. Everyone has some stress from time to time, but if mental ill-health is defined as severe emotional distress, then recovery would mean the person no longer experiences that level of distress.

While there is no universally accepted definition of recovery, one definition, often referred to as the “recovery model” argues for the importance of building the resilience of people with mental health problems and supporting their identity and self-esteem.

Recovery is breaking through mental fatigue and psychosis in accordance with medication, psychotherapy and is [illegible – sorry]. All is a process which eventually will lead to outcome. Recovery means body and mind, getting time to heal day by day…take your time to figure out what you believe. A way or path.

Recovery is a personal choice. It is often very difficult for health care providers who are trying to promote a person’s recovery when they find resistance and apathy.

A standard definition of recovery includes ensuring that vital recovery supports and services are available and accessible to all who need and want them.

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