What percent of crimes are drug or alcohol related?

Kayden Larson asked a question: What percent of crimes are drug or alcohol related?
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BJS report: Drug abuse and addiction at the root of 21% of crimes.

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For police detainees, all offences in the preceding 12 months (including offences they were currently being detained for) were counted in the estimates. The authors found that between 47 and 57 percent of offences recorded for DUMA’s police detainees were attributable to drug and alcohol use.

Among American Indians, victims reported alcohol use by offenders 62% of the time, compared to 42% of the general population. In violent crimes committed against American Indians, 48% of offenders used alcohol, 9% used drugs, and 14% used both. 3  Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring Data

A staggering 86% of homicides and 60% of sexual abuse or rape cases were under the influence of the drug. Also that, there were assaults, child abuse, and alcohol domestic violence charges, all of which were heavily influenced by the drug. The most common of alcohol-related crimes is driving under the influence (DUI).

Alcohol is a factor in 40% of all violent crimes today, and according to the Department of Justice, 37% of almost 2 million convicted offenders currently in jail, report that they were drinking at the time of their arrest.

While the exact rates of inmates with substance use disorders (SUDs) is difficult to measure, some research shows that an estimated 65% percent of the United States prison population has an active SUD. Another 20% percent did not meet the official criteria for an SUD, but were under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of their crime. 1

It has been suggested that one third to over a half of all acquisitive crime is related to illegal drug use. Cost of drug-related crime Examples of users needing £15,000 to £30,000 a year to fund drug habits have often been given.

Close to 70 percent of alcohol-related violent acts occur in the home. Roughly 20 percent of these incidents involve the use of a weapon other than hands, fists or feet. An estimated 1.4 million incidents of alcohol-related violence are committed against strangers each year. Are You Ready to Quit?

Alcohol is a factor in 40% of all violent crimes today About 3 million violent crimes occur each year in which victims perceive the offender to have been drinking. Crimes include: rape, sexual assault, robbery, aggravated and simple assault. About two-thirds of violent crimes are characterized as simple assaults.

Almost 40% of people locked up for property crimes and 14% of those incarcerated for violent crimes reported that they had committed their most serious offense for drug-related reasons. If these figures hold for the entire prison and jail population, that means over 473,000 people are behind bars for seeking drugs.

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