What type of drug is kava?

Jayce Koss asked a question: What type of drug is kava?
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  • Kava is a drug made from the ground roots of a plant found in the South Pacific.
  • It is taken as a drink, supplement or extract.
  • Long-term kava use is associated with a range of problems including apathy, weight loss and liver damage.
  • There are restrictions on importing kava into Australia.

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Kava is a depressant drug, which means it slows down the messages travelling between the brain and the body. Kava is made from the root or stump of the kava (Piper methysticum) shrub. 1. Kava comes in different forms including: brownish-coloured drink. brown powder.

Kava is a plant also known as Ava, Ava Root, Awa, Intoxicating Long Pepper, Kao, Kavain, Kavapipar, Kawa, Kawapfeffer, Kew, Lawena, Malohu, Maluk, Maori Kava, Meruk, Milik, Piper methysticum, Poivre des Cannibales, Poivre des Papous, Rauschpfeffer, Rhizome Di Kava-Kava, Sakau, Tonga, Waka, Wurzelstock, Yagona, Yangona, Yaqona, Yaquon, Yongona.

Kava, also called “kava-kava,” is an herbal substance that comes from the root of Piper methysticum – a plant native to the western Pacific Islands. The name kava comes from the Polynesian word “awa” and literally means “intoxicating pepper.”

Kava is also known as ‘awa and piper methysticum. It comes from the roots and stems of a small shrub, and it’s considered non-alcoholic but psychoactive. It’s used in Fiji, Tonga, and Hawaii and has been for many years. When kava is prepared traditionally, it’s done so by putting the root and stem into a sack and putting them in water.

Scientific Name (s): Piper methysticum Forst.f. Common Name (s): Ava, Awa, Intoxicating pepper, Kava, Kava kava, Kava pepper, Kava root, Kava-kava, Kavain, Kawa, Kawain, Kew, Rauschpfeffer, Sakau, Tonga, Wurzelstock, Yangona. Drug class: Herbal products. Medically reviewed by Drugs.com. Last updated on Dec 14, 2020.

Kava or kava kava (Piper methysticum: Latin 'pepper' and Latinized Greek 'intoxicating') is a crop of the Pacific Islands. The name kava is from Tongan and Marquesan, meaning 'bitter'; other names for kava include ʻawa (), ʻava (), yaqona or yagona (), sakau (), seka (), and malok or malogu (parts of Vanuatu). Kava is consumed for its sedating effects throughout the Pacific Ocean cultures of ...

Kava, also often called kava kava, is a member of the nightshade family of plants and native to the South Pacific islands (1). Pacific Islanders have used it for hundreds of years as a ceremonial...

Kava is an integral part of social and ceremonial gatherings in Polynesian culture. The beverage contains compounds known as kavalactones that operate on the non-opioid pathways in the brain. Although those who drink kava experience deep relaxation they retain mental alertness.

Kava, sometimes called kava-kava, is a shrub that grows mainly on the Pacific Islands, including Hawaii. The plant’s roots are harvested for psychoactive compounds called kavalactones. It is a popular social drink in the native cultures on these islands, producing relaxing effects like alcohol.

Kava is a beverage or extract that is made from Piper methysticum, a plant native to the western Pacific islands. The name "kava" comes from the Polynesian word "awa," which means bitter. In the...

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