When to take cough medicine?

Rowena Heaney asked a question: When to take cough medicine?
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  • Children older than 6 years old can usually take cough medicines safely. In the UK, they are only sold for the use of children aged 6 to 12 with the advice of a pharmacist. Consider other soothing measures first as any medicines can have side-effects. Taking other medicines

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration wants you to be aware of the following information about use of medicines for cough and colds in children: The FDA doesn’t recommend over-the-counter (OTC)...

The doctor may tell you not to treat a cough from a cold unless it keeps you up at night or gets in the way of your daily life. Coughing up mucus helps keep your lungs clear. This is especially...

Some important considerations about cough medicines are: When they are for children under 6 years old. When other medicines are being taken.

Although experts agree that young children shouldn’t take cough medicine, they’re OK for most older children and adults. The odds of serious side effects are very small, Edelman says.

People with certain medical conditions should talk to their healthcare provider before taking OTC cough or cold medicines. Examples include high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, or liver disease. Decongestants, antihistamines, and medicines high in sodium (salt) can raise blood pressure.

Should tablets be taken before, during, or after meals? There is no simple answer to this question. However, as a general rule you should take medicine on an empty stomach (one hour before eating or 2 hours after). This is because many medicines can be affected by what you eat and when you eat it.

Escape from or eliminate the irritants whenever possible and then choose a best medicine for dry cough product to diminish symptoms and make you feel better. It is very important to distinguish between general cold medicines – which combine ingredients to treat multiple symptoms – and cough medicines which treat the cough specifically. Never take a cold or flu medicine designed to treat multiple symptoms when you only have a cough.

The prescribed dosage is to take it once a day. However, your medical doctor will specify how you should take your Zoloft medication and for how long. Although some patients get varying dosages of between 25 to 200 mg! It depends on the prescription by your doctor according to your specific medical condition.

Liquid cough medications that contain guaifenesin are immediate release. Per the dosing guidelines, doses of immediate release forms of guaifenesin should not exceed 400 mg per dose. As you took 600 mg of the extended release Mucinex product, adding on an immediate release may put you over the dosage threshold for guaifenesin.

Cough Drops – Cough drops can be a big help when it comes to suppressing a cough. You can take cough drops along with cough suppressant or expectorant. Make sure the cough drops you get are not simple vitamin c drops or scratchy throat lozenges. You need actual cough drops that have the menthol ingredients in them to see some results.

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