Which medicine can cause immediate death?

Raphael Ward asked a question: Which medicine can cause immediate death?
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  • Ibuprofen – This is a Non-Steroidal-Anti-Inflammatory drug (NSAIDs), people who take this drug have a higher risk of heart attack or cardiovascular diseases and may cause sudden death with no time for any medical emergency.

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Doctors give up and patient lie on hospital bed with pain and count his time when he will leave this world only in such cases doctors recommend those medicine which ends the life instantly. The combination of Nembutal and secobarbital can lead you instant good death means without pain and suffering.

In order to come up with our list of untraceable drugs and poisons that cause death in humans, we looked for suggestions from The Parazite, James J. Murray, Murder Mile Tours and Yahoo among ...

The total number of iatrogenic deaths shown in the following table is 783,936. It’s evident that the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the United States. The 2001 heart disease annual death rate is 699,697; the annual cancer death rate, 553,251. To show what’s wrong with this reasoning, let’s substitute ...

Sure, a heart attack can kill you almost instantly. But surprisingly, myocardial infarction doesn’t actually rank as the most common cause of sudden death among younger guys, says Gerald Wydro,...

The group of drugs most commonly used to end life is called the barbiturates. They cause the activity of the brain and nervous system to slow down. These drugs, used medicinally in small doses, can...

MD - Emergency Medicine 5 points · 8 years ago. Immediate causes are the things that pathologically cause death: hemorrhage (no blood), anoxia (no oxygen), etc. Contextual causes are the underlying diseases that may cause the above states (for example, hanging is an underlying process that would cause anoxia).

One 2015 study showed that men who test positive for steroids had twice the rates of cardiovascular disease and death as those with negative tests.   There is also an association between elevated aggression and violence in steroid users, and higher rates of violent causes of death, such as homicide and suicide.  

Both prescription drugs and some over-the-counter medicines can cause or heighten the risk. Caffeine and nicotine. Both of these can heighten heartbeats and exacerbate an already-existing arrhythmia problem by making the heart beat faster.

director. In such cases, the attending physician will certify the cause of death at a later time. In all cases, the attending physician is responsible for certifying the cause of death. In most cases, he or she will both pronounce death and certify the cause of death. Only in the instances when the attending physician is

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