Why do many kids with autism cover their eyes?

Lance Morissette asked a question: Why do many kids with autism cover their eyes?
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  • Why do many kids with autism . . . Cover their eyes/face /ears with their hands. Many children with autism have auditory sensitivities to specific sounds, such as a fire engine, baby crying, or toilet flushing. Covering their ears is one way to lessen the auditory input.

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It depends. It isn’t just kids with autism that do this either, so it isn’t an “autistic phenomenon”. If there are things that are scary or just too visually overwhelming, they will cover their eyes. If they feel embarrassed, angry, sad or shy, they may cover their faces. If there’s a noise that’s too loud or a noise they are unnaturally afraid of, ...

Why do many kids with autism . . . Cover their eyes/face /ears with their hands. Shelley: This could relate to many things, such as the child covering their face as a way to block out too much sensory stimuli, to self-regulate, or to express feeling scared/anxious.

In many cases, children with autism are known to have sensory issues. This could possibly be one of them. As a result of the greater stimulation they receive from eye contact, they end up shying away from it, creating the commonly observed phenomenon of autistic individuals avoiding eye contact.

Many children with autism have specific eye problems, such as crossed eyes or a lazy eye, according to a study published in the June issue of Strabismus1. Vision is a controversial topic in autism research. Some studies claim that people with the disorder have superior visual acuity, or sharpness, whereas others find no differences in vision.

The study found children with autism had wider eyes, and a "broader upper face," compared with typically developing children. According to the study, children with autism also had a shorter middle ...

Why do kids with Autism COVER/CLOSE THEIR EYES? The same sensory limiting that happens with covering the ears happens with the eyes too. There is a lot to process when you really consider what you are looking at in a given day. The person in front of you, ...

In both studies so far, when the children thought they were invisible by virtue of their eyes being covered, they nonetheless agreed that their head and their body were visible. They seemed to be making a distinction between their “self” that was hidden, and their body, which was still visible.

Social behaviors, mostly - things like avoiding eye contact or ignoring tone of voice. But recent research has shed light on a more subtle difference - facial features. Scientists at the University...

Kids with autism flap their hands for four reasons. The first is a form of self stimulation. The flapping applies pressure to the carpal tunnel nerves inside the wrists which in turn creates an unusual throbbing sensation and a “fuzzy fingers” feeling.

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