Will doctor give me antibiotics tooth pain?

Cleveland Kreiger asked a question: Will doctor give me antibiotics tooth pain?
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  • A doctor can also prescribe amoxicillin for tooth pain as part of tooth infection treatment. While other antibiotics can also be used to treat a tooth infection, amoxicillin is often the most commonly prescribed. What is an online dentist? An online dentist is a licensed dentist who performs virtual consultations for dental health.

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Dentists will only recommend antibiotics for tooth infections if absolutely necessary. Dentists will typically only recommend antibiotics in dentistry for tooth infections. However, not all infected teeth require antibiotics. Can doctors give antibiotics for gum infection? Antibiotics.

If painkillers aren't touching the pain then it sounds like an infection and you need antibiotics. You could try pleading with your GP for some antibiotics but ideally you should go to the dentist...

A week ago I had a severe pain on that tooth and I started taking Amoxicillin 500mg as my dentist prescribed in case of infection when he opened it to clean the roots.The next day the part next to my nose got swollen but the pain has gone.After 5 days on Amoxicillin the swell is not visible but I can feel it when I open my mouth. The thing that get me worried is that slight pressure feeling on my cheek and the upper eyelid.

Using antibiotics is the surest way of treating the pain though it might take a couple of days. If you want to permanently heal the toothache, antibiotics are a great option. However, it is recommended that you go see a dentist first.

YES NO. Dr. Abhinav Pandey. Dentist 6 yrs exp Allahabad. Visit a dentist to evaluate your problem clinically and get x-ray done . Best antibiotic and painkiller can then be suggested . Health Tips. don't rely on antibiotic and pain killer for pain alone.

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