Xanthine oxidase inhibitor drugs?

Genevieve Daugherty asked a question: Xanthine oxidase inhibitor drugs?
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Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitors

  • allopurinol.
  • Aloprim.
  • febuxostat.
  • Uloric.
  • Zyloprim.

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Description An xanthine oxidase inhibitor is any substance that inhibits the activity of xanthine oxidase, an enzyme involved in purine metabolism.

Xanthine oxidase (XO) is the enzyme responsible for the catabolism of purines and their conversion into uric acid. XO is thus the target for the treatment of hyperuricemia and gout. For more than 50 years the only XO inhibitor drug available on the market was the purine analogue allopurinol.

An excellent overview of this effort, which yielded, in addition to the xanthine oxidase (XO) 1 inhibitor allopurinol, block-buster drugs such as acyclovir, trimethoprim, and the early antineoplastic compounds thioguanidine and 6-mercaptopurine (6-MP), can be found in the Nobel lectures by Elion and Hitchings and elsewhere [Hitchings and Elion ...

Uloric is a xanthine oxidase (XO) inhibitor indicated for the chronic management of hyperuricemia in patients with gout. Uloric is not recommended for the treatment of asymptomatic hyperuricemia.

Drug class: Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitors Allopurinol (Zyloprim) is a moderately priced drug used to treat the symptoms of gout. It is also used to treat or prevent high uric acid levels that occur as a result of certain types of chemotherapy. It is more popular than comparable drugs.

Uricosuric agents (e.g., probenecid) or xanthine oxidase inhibitors (allopurinol) are used in patients with recurrent attacks despite adequate dietary restrictions.

Xanthine oxidase inhibitor (XOI) therapy with either allopurinol or febuxostat is recommended as the first-line pharmacological urate-lowering therapy (ULT) approach in gout (Khanna et al. 2012a).

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A xanthine oxidase inhibitor is any substance that inhibits the activity of xanthine oxidase, an enzyme involved in purine metabolism.In humans, inhibition of xanthine oxidase reduces the production of uric acid, and several medications that inhibit xanthine oxidase are indicated for treatment of hyperuricemia and related medical conditions including gout.

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